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Several people travel by bus in New York because the buses run till later in the evening and also because bus travel is less expensive than taking the train. Whether it is the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) that serves over 650 million persons every year, or the several private buses plying on the roads of New York City, busing is one of the most efficient and therefore, popular means of mass transit.

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The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) provides transportation services for millions of people every day. While public transit is an excellent mobility service for people without personal vehicles and reduces vehicle congestion on the roads, the riders of MTA buses are not safe from physical harm.

Injuries and deaths in MTA buses occur every year, but 2019 saw a spike in passenger injuries, excluding cases that involved collisions. According to the MTA, 494 individuals were injured in bus accidents in 2019, indicating an overall surge of roughly 11% from 2018. 

With the increase in bus-passengers getting injured without the buses being involved in collisions, it's fair to say that riding the MTA buses has become more dangerous. Mishaps during bus rides have inflicted severe injuries to passengers, many of who have filed personal injury lawsuits against the authority. 

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It’s been five long years since Cabrerra was injured by a bus in NYC. With multiple fractures and unable to work, Mr. Cabrerra put his case in the hands of a NYC Personal Injury Superlawyer, Daniel Minc.

What would become of Cabrerra’s case?

This is a shining example of why a top-notch legal fighter is required in NYC personal injury litigation. Even though Cabrera was an innocent passenger with multiple fractures, it took five long years to get to a $50,000 offer before trial, and then a final offer of $100,000 was made and rejected by Minc during the trial.

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When an accident occurs involving a vehicle and a pedestrian, the pedestrian often faces serious harm or is killed in the collision because the pedestrian does not have protection from the force or impact. If a driver is at fault for causing a pedestrian accident to happen, it is important for the victim or for surviving family members to work with New York City pedestrian accident lawyers to pursue a claim for compensation. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are far too common. In fact, NBC New York reported recently on a tragic accident in which a pedestrian was killed by a mini school bus. The devastating fatal accident was made worse by the fact that there were children inside of the mini bus who were put at risk and who observed the entire tragedy firsthand.

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Parents count on school bus drivers to keep their children safe while taking their children to and from school.  Unfortunately, sometimes bus drivers engage in dangerous behaviors behind the wheel that put young people at risk. When and if this occurs, parents of children hurt in bus accidents need to contact New York City motor vehicle accident attorneys for help as soon as possible.  Taking legal action can be complicated if bus drivers are government employees, but parents and children do have rights and may be able to obtain compensation if serious harm or fatalities occur due to bus driver negligence. Bad bus driver behavior can take many forms, including driving the bus while fatigued or driving while distracted. However, one of the most dangerous of all behaviors is intoxicated driving. Just recently, New York Upstate reported on a troubling incident in which a bus driver has been accused of drinking while he was driving school children.

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