A New York car accident injury can have devastating consequences on not just your health but also on your ability to earn your living. It is quite understandable for you to be worried about paying the medical bills and financing your vehicle repairs. In cases of severe injury when the victim has to miss work due to their injuries, there is the added stress of loss of income.

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The fourth most populous state in the US, New York is home to 20.4 million people, of which 8.2 million reside in New York City alone. Because of the high-density traffic, accidents and consequent injuries are a sad but unfortunate reality of everyday life in the city. There is no way to undo the injuries or property damages suffered in an accident. However, personal injury laws in New York allow the victims and their families to seek redemption in the form of monetary compensation.

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Accidents involving pedestrians have increased to alarming levels in New York City. Data from the Department of Health shows that over 300 pedestrians are killed and more than 3,000 are hospitalized every year due to collisions involving motor vehicles and pedestrians.

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Apart from being a fun hobby and a great exercise, riding is also a medium of daily commute for many New York bicyclists. There will surely be many bicycle aficionados on the New York City streets with the onset of summer, as more bicycle enthusiasts head outside to enjoy the warmer weather. Unfortunately, more bicycle riders on the road mean more accidents involving cyclists, resulting in more injuries.

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The legal system can be confusing and daunting for people who engage with it for the first time. If like many others, you have never pursued a claim with an insurance company or filed a lawsuit in court, all the procedures and paperwork may seem complex and intimidating.

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