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New York City is home to millions of people and also receives a constant stream of tourists as well as business visitors who travel to the city every year for various reasons. On the busy and bustling streets of this densely packed city, road accidents are unfortunately far too common.

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One of the best ways to get around New York City is on foot. But unfortunately, the city ranks as one of the country’s most dangerous metropolitan areas for pedestrians. Thanks to the state’s Vision Zero initiative, fatal accidents involving pedestrians have been declining in recent years.

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Marked crosswalks are recommended for pedestrians to cross a busy intersection or street safely. The problem is crosswalks don’t always offer an expected level of safety. Few crosswalks in the New York area contain hidden dangers or are poorly designed. They can cause a serious pedestrian accident. You must include the details of the crosswalk in your damage claim if it contributed in some way to your accident.

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Pedestrians do not have the safety or protection of cars when involved in a car accident. In fact, they don’t have any protection at all, which is why pedestrian accidents have broken bones as the most common injury. 3,000 pounds of steel and other metal colliding into an unprotected human being can result in exceptionally serious injuries, especially in the hip and leg region.

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Recent research studies show that the number of car crashes in the last couple of years has decreased, which is obviously very good news. Every year nearly 36,000 people die from car collusions, so any decrease in the number of fatalities is to be lauded. On the other hand, the number of pedestrian fatalities on public highways is on the rise. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2018 alone, about 7,400 pedestrians succumbed to their road accident injuries.

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