Getting around on a bicycle or by foot not only gets you some much-needed cardiovascular exercise but also helps in reducing your carbon footprint. The bustling sidewalks and streets of New York see cyclists and pedestrians making full use of the city’s bicycle lanes and public transport.

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A person who is walking on the road is unprotected, unlike the person who is driving a car fitted with several safety features. Therefore, it is not very surprising that pedestrian accidents are often more dangerous for the pedestrian than for the motorist who crashed into them. However, when it comes to children, the stakes go up even higher.

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Traffic accidents kill close to 6,000 pedestrians in the US every year. On the congested streets of New York City, pedestrian accidents are even more common and crash data indicate that about 25 percent of all traffic-related fatalities and injuries in NYC involve pedestrians. While any type of road accident can be dangerous, pedestrian accidents are often devastating because those walking on the sidewalk have absolutely no personal protection, unlike the motorists who are sheltered inside their cars.

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New York City is home to millions of people and also receives a constant stream of tourists as well as business visitors who travel to the city every year for various reasons. On the busy and bustling streets of this densely packed city, road accidents are unfortunately far too common.

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One of the best ways to get around New York City is on foot. But unfortunately, the city ranks as one of the country’s most dangerous metropolitan areas for pedestrians. Thanks to the state’s Vision Zero initiative, fatal accidents involving pedestrians have been declining in recent years.

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