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If you work in the construction industry, you probably know the dangers of the workplace. But you might not realize that one of the leading causes of injury are scaffold accidents. With so much construction in New York City, scaffold injuries are relatively common.

19 people between the ages of 35 and 44 died from unintentional falls between 2012 and 2014 in New York City. Although those falls happened in many ways, scaffolding accidents in Brooklyn accounted for some of the accidents.

If you’re a victim of such an accident, your injuries could be severe. You should work with a New York scaffold injury lawyer to seek compensation for your accident. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff can represent you and your best interests.

Why are Scaffold Injuries in NYC so Common?

Scaffold injuries in the city are common for two reasons. First, there’s the strength of the construction industry. With so many renovations and building projects, the city has many construction sites. Almost all of those sites rely on scaffolding to get the job done.

Another reason for the prevalence of this type of accident is the danger of using scaffolding. Often, workers use the scaffolds to bring people and materials up and down. If a person or an object falls, the result can be a disaster. Even if a worker is wearing a helmet, it could be no match for a large piece of equipment falling from a high place.

However, construction workers aren’t the only ones who can experience this type of injury. Pedestrians are also at risk. If someone is walking by a construction site, a falling object could hit them. Depending on the place of impact and the size of the object, the injury could be severe.

There are safety measures in place to protect workers and pedestrians from scaffolding injuries. But employers don’t always follow those measures. For instance, some scaffolds don’t have guardrails. At times, the workers don’t receive the training they need to work safely. In either case, the employer may be to blame. Their failure to keep their workers and pedestrians safe can make them vulnerable to a personal injury lawsuit.

The Types of Injuries You Can Experience

If you are involved in a scaffolding accident, you could experience several possible injuries. All of the following are commonly experienced by victims of this type of accident:


This injury is most often experienced by those who fall from a scaffold. After hitting the ground, the victim could have spinal cord damage. This can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis. The road to recovery could be a long one.


If an object falls and hits you on the head, you could experience a traumatic brain injury. At times, this can be a devastating injury. You could experience memory loss and cognitive challenges.


Another potential injury is a broken bone. However your scaffold injury happens, there’s a potential for a broken bone. The recovery can be painful and difficult.

Overcoming Your Injuries

If you don’t have enough money to cover your medical expenses, you may not have a full recovery. But you don’t need to depend on your bank account. When negligence causes a scaffolding accident, the negligent party could be held accountable. You can seek compensation for your expenses and pain and suffering. Call Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff to learn more.


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