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Cerebral palsy and birth injuries: What victims need to know

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that can result from damage to the brain during the birthing process. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a branch of the National Institute of Health (NIH), defines cerebral palsy as a group of neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood and permanently affect body movement […]

Medical malpractice claims from bariatric surgery becoming more common

Bariatric surgeries like gastric bypass are complicated procedures. Unfortunately, a surgeon’s errors or malpractice makes the risk of serious complications or injury much higher. More than 100,000 bariatric surgeries are performed each year. The majority of bariatric patients will come through surgery just fine, experiencing only normal complications and adverse effects like pain, fatigue, nausea […]

Potentially fatal fungal infections plague hospitals around New York

Fungal infections are spreading through hospitals across New York at an alarming rate. A particularly nasty strain of fungal infection has been spreading across hospitals throughout New York and New Jersey, sickening patients and frustrating public health authorities. Infections of Candida Auris, a common fungus, first appeared in Japan back in 2009, and traveled to […]

What are the types of medication errors?

The medical community recognizes nine distinct classifications for errors involving medication and ranks them in order from least to most harmful to patients. At any given time, a person in New York might require a prescription or even over-the-counter medication. In some situations, more than one drug may be needed and may even include a […]

Compensation available for victims of retained surgical objects

Victims of retained surgical objects are generally eligible to recover compensation for their injuries in a medical malpractice lawsuit. A recent study from the American College of Surgeons highlighted the problem of retained surgical objects in hospitals across the nation. Also known as left-behind items, retained surgical objects occur when a surgical item is left […]

Medical residents and interns violate working regulations

Patients appreciate the devotion of hardworking medical care specialists. However, there is a difference between hardworking and overworking – the latter of which is professionally negligent. It is expected that doctors come to their jobs with a fresh mind as any lapse in focus can lead to serious harm. Residents of University of Chicago’s internal […]

Recovering for fatal medical errors in New York

A wrongful death lawsuit can help those that have lost a loved one to medical malpractice recover their losses. Even though physicians and medical professionals require many years of training for their jobs, they are only human and make mistakes from time to time. If the patient survives the medical error, and the error rises […]

Despite landmark study, medical errors plague American health care system

In 1999, a national panel of medical experts published "To Err Is Human," an extensive study of medical errors that occur in United States health care facilities. It found that 100,000 Americans die every year from preventable medical errors. Unfortunately, these errors continue to occur, despite over a decade passing since the landmark study. New […]

Medicare fines 17 NYC hospitals over patient complication rates

On behalf of Daniel C. Minc Medicare cuts designed to combat infections and other patient-safety issues A total of 17 hospitals in New York City will see their Medicare funding cut due to high rates of patient complications, such as infections, according to the New York Post. The 17 hospitals in the city are among […]

Report: Higher malpractice premiums do not mean "lack of physicians"

Are rising medical malpractice insurance premiums responsible for a shortage of physicians? A new report says they are not, and in reality, no shortage exists. A common complaint from medical care providers, or perhaps more commonly, insurers, is that medical malpractice cases drive up the costs of being a medical practitioner and therefore lead to […]