To determine the responsibility and liability for an accident involving an e-scooter or e-bike, the way in which the crash occurred needs to be established. If the accident occurred due to the reckless driving of a car or truck driver, then they will be liable for all injuries and damages sustained by riders on e-scooters and e-bikes in New York. On top of this, there are a growing number of incidents of electric-powered two-wheelers causing injuries to pedestrians. In these cases, the drivers of electric scooters and bicycles are held responsible for the injuries caused to pedestrians.

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Bicycles are the primary mode of transportation for most people. Many prefer riding bicycles for exercise and fun as well. There are several injuries that can happen to bicyclists while riding. A significant amount of these injuries is attributed to head injuries, but there are several other severe injuries as well. Few of these injuries may turn out to be life-threatening depending on specific circumstances.

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Bicycling is good exercise for kids, and can be an enjoyable experience, too, which is why many parents encourage their young children to ride. However, it is equally important to stay alert to the possibility of children being involved in bicycle accidents.

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New York City has recently witnessed a worrying surge in the number of bike accidents. Despite measures taken by the city to keep cyclists safe from traffic accidents, riding a bike in the Big Apple remains dangerous. In 2019, the city reported more than 25 fatal bike accidents, and about 64% of these happened in Brooklyn alone. In 2018, 15 severe bike accidents had happened in NYC. 

The city has taken new measures to improve the safety of cyclists. Modified traffic patterns and pro-bicycle infrastructure have been introduced to assist cyclists and eliminate bicycle accidents entirely instead of just reducing the numbers. 

While these measures may help reduce bike accidents, the circumstances for Brooklyn’s bike riders don’t seem to get better any time soon.

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New York is a bicycle- and pedestrian-heavy state, with 1,133 miles of bicycle lanes in New York City alone. Over the last several years, biking has become even more popular in the state of New York, resulting in an increase of bicyclists on the roads. Unfortunately, this can also mean a greater number of accidents. In 2017, 4,397 bicyclists suffered injuries and 24 died throughout all five of New York City’s boroughs. Obeying biking laws can help you avoid collisions.

Bicycles as Vehicles

A bicycle in New York is a two- or three-wheeled human-powered device. Motor-powered bicycles fall under different laws than standard bikes. All bicyclists in the state of New York are subject to the provisions of state and city traffic rules. Laws that apply to motor vehicles and their operators also apply to bicyclists, except where not applicable. Bicycles have a right to the roadways when bicycle lanes are unavailable.

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