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Attorney Minc Recovers Millions of Dollars in Damages for Clients

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) runs thousands of buses daily in and around New York City. Unfortunately, the incidence of reckless driving by MTA drivers, fatigue, inadequate training, and laxity in MTA’s supervision contribute to serious bus accidents in the city, injuring or killing New Yorkers every day.

The data shows that MTA buses are involved in as many as 23 crashes every day on average. Bus operators are supposed to go through extensive training so that they can safely maneuver their large automobiles on the streets of New York. The law holds bus drivers and bus companies to a higher standard because their reckless behavior or negligence can result in devastating consequences for passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and car drivers.

Considering the size and momentum of an MTA bus, any negligence on part of the bus operator or the bus company can cause serious injuries, including head injury, spinal injury, internal organ damage, burns, disfigurement, amputation injury, and even death of the injured victim. If you or someone you loved has suffered an injury in an MTA bus collision in New York City, you should talk to the seasoned bus accident attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP for the right legal advice.

Attorney Minc Obtains Multi-Million Dollar Judgments for Personal Injury Victims in NYC

On April 8th, 2021, as Lance Margolin was peacefully walking on the pedestrian mall on Eastern Parkway, an MTA bus recklessly drove into the shoulder area and onto the curb causing the bus to hit and snap the traffic camera pole.

The large 20’ metal pole started to flail and smashed into Mr. Margolin as he walked down the sidewalk. He tried to protect himself and run to avoid the flailing pole, but there was no way to go. The camera pole weighing hundreds of pounds caused massive internal injuries and skull fractures to Mr. Margolin.

It was three gut-wrenching days for the family before Mr. Margolin succumbed to his injuries and passed away. Mr. Minc is outraged at the continued reckless driving by the MTA. Attorney Minc recently won a 5.5-million-dollar judgment against the MTA for one of the injured clients who was also struck by an MTA bus. A third client of Attorney Minc’s was also seriously injured as a pedestrian by another MTA bus driver in Queens.

Attorney Minc has been offered almost $3,000,000 by the transit authority. But it has been rejected. When interviewed, Attorney Minc stated the offer was inadequate and he fully expects to recover more on behalf of his client. He believes that we must send a strong message, and this reckless driving must be stopped now!

Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities in New York City

The pedestrian traffic volumes in New York are among the highest in the US. Each day, New York City streets are teeming with millions of people. Under such circumstances, it should come as no surprise that pedestrian safety is an area of top priority and utmost concern for the authorities.

But despite all the widespread awareness campaigns, enactment of strict legislation, and creation of extra walking spaces, New York City streets were witness to 28 cyclist and 121 pedestrian deaths in 2019. In addition to the grim death toll, thousands of pedestrians suffered injuries in accidents and collisions with motor vehicles.

The city authorities, understanding the need to put in place and enforce enhanced safety measures for the pedestrians, have initiated project Vision Zero to address the safety concerns for New York City pedestrians and cyclists.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident in New York, top personal injury lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff are ready to protect your legal interests. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you obtain your rightful compensation from the at-fault party.

A Look at the Pedestrian Accident Data

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable and at-risk group among those sharing the streets, public spaces, and roadways in New York. In a collision involving a pedestrian and a motor vehicle, the pedestrian is the one most likely to experience grievous injuries or death. Given below are some relevant statistics involving pedestrian accidents and injuries in NYC and around the country.

  • There has been an increase in pedestrian fatalities in NYC in the last year
  • Road accidents in the US result in almost 6,000 pedestrian fatalities each year
  • Crash-related pedestrian injuries require emergency medical care for almost 130,000 pedestrians every year in the US
  • Collisions and accidents involving motor vehicles and pedestrians result in serious injuries to more than 3,000 New Yorkers each year
  • Pedestrians younger than 15 and older than 65 years are the ones most at risk

Typical Causes of Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries

Unfortunately, New York City consistently earns the dubious distinction of ranking among the most unsafe cities for pedestrians. One of the main reasons is the high volume of pedestrian traffic in the city. While the pedestrians may be at fault in some traffic accidents, most of them are due to the negligence of motor vehicle owners. Some common causes of accidents resulting in pedestrian injuries include:

  • Inebriated or distracted pedestrians
  • Inebriated or distracted drivers
  • Speeding motor vehicle drivers
  • Motorists failing to yield or stop
  • Severe or inclement weather
  • Motorists failing to spot for pedestrians at left-turns
  • Motorists failing to spot pedestrians while backing-up

Project Vision Zero

Vision Zero is the name of a New York state authorities’ initiative aimed at curbing pedestrian injuries and deaths in traffic accidents. The project makes provisions for additional lanes for bikes, reduction in speeds in accident-prone areas, safety awareness campaigns, and other such initiatives for pedestrian safety. Vision Zero has succeeded in bringing down incidents of pedestrian injuries and deaths drastically since its introduction.

Things to Keep in Mind If You Are a Pedestrian Accident Victim

As an injured pedestrian involved in a traffic crash with an at-fault motorist, you must exercise your right to seek full and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. If negligence on the part of an MTA-operated motor vehicle is the cause of your injuries, it may result in a complicated claims process. In such a case, it is vital that you seek the legal counsel of an experienced New York City pedestrian accident lawyer.

Pedestrian victims in traffic crashes may likely sustain grievous or life-threatening injuries. As a pedestrian accident victim, you can claim compensation for your medical treatment costs, loss of income, and loss in the quality of your life. A competent and able New York City pedestrian accident attorney could prove to be your best bet in seeking and recovering maximum possible compensation for the damages suffered by you.

Potential Defendants in an MTA Bus Accident

The repercussions and effects of bus accident injuries can be traumatic and life-altering. A bus-accident injury victim typically may have to suffer the loss of income due to forced absence from work while they undergo medical treatment to recover. In addition, they also need to look after the repair of vehicles and handle the insurance companies.

All this is sufficient to send a bus accident victim on the path to their financial ruin, mostly because of the injuries and other damages caused by someone else’s negligence. Since the statute of limitations for seeking damages in an injury claim varies depending on the transit vehicle involved, it becomes imperative to take legal recourse as soon as possible after a bus accident.

In the case of injuries from an MTA-related accident, you have 90 days from the accident within which you need to file a Notice of Claim. Seeking legal counsel and the help of an MTA bus accident attorney can make it easier for you to understand the stipulations and various filing deadlines in cases involving transit authorities, both local and state.

Apart from the statute of limitations regarding time, a typical compensation claim may involve the defendant parties whose negligence or misconduct caused the bus accident, including:

The Bus Driver

Although MTA bus operators train rigorously for weeks before starting their work, even a little negligence on their part can result in harm to a passenger. In cases where a bus driver is careless towards passengers, motorists, or pedestrians, they are liable to face lawsuits as defendants.

The Bus Owner/Operator

If the cause of the accident and subsequent injuries is a malfunction or defective equipment, the person(s) responsible for inspection and maintenance can be held liable for such oversight or negligence.

Other Road Users

Sometimes other motorists, bicyclists, or pedestrians can be the cause of distraction or collision that may result in injuries. In such cases, the third parties (if found at fault) may also face partial liability in the overall compensation claim.

Government Entities

Public transportation is usually the responsibility of the state and local government authorities or public entities. These entities or their employees may be responsible for negligence or misconduct resulting in injuries. 

Legal Help is Here for You!

The trusted and competent bus accident personal injury lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff are well-versed in handling the complexities involved in a bus accident lawsuit. Our attorneys have the expertise and proficiency to investigate and gather evidence within the court-stipulated time and help build a strong case in your favor.

In addition, our legal team will help locate and deal with crucial eyewitnesses, conduct important interviews, and hire medical or technical experts to further strengthen your compensation claim. If you or a loved one is a victim of a bus accident in New York, you need the experience of our bus accident attorneys at your side. 

If you or your loved ones have been injured from an MTA bus accident for a free review of your case, call Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP today at 212-344-1000 or contact us online.


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