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Injuries Arising out of Negligent Security – A Concise Guide

Personal injuries due to property owner’s negligence

In New York, commercial or residential property owners have the responsibility to provide safety and security to visitors and guests on the property. If you are injured or hurt on a third party property and if the injuries were because of the property owner’s negligence, then you may be eligible to seek compensation.

Failure to warn users of potential risks that exist in premises constitutes negligence. If you or your loved one was injured when you were on a third party’s premises contact our New York City negligent security attorneys to find out the legal options to seek a bigger compensation.

According to premises liability law, a person or owner of a property may be liable for compensation if he or she is found responsible for injuries of another person due to unsafe conditions on the property. If physical assaults, mugging and attacks could be foreseen and prevented by virtue of prior crime history in the vicinity of the property, then in the absence of such caution, the owner may be held responsible for any injuries to guests or users of the property.