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Filing a Lawsuit For Defamation

Statistics show that the average number of federal court tort cases each year is 512,000. Around 2% of tort cases went to trial, and 48% of cases were won by the plaintiff. 84% of plaintiffs who succeeded in their cases received monetary damages. 54% of civil suit cases were won in bench trials while 46% […]

Swimming Pool Accidents And Personal Injury Lawsuits

According to reports from the National Safety Council, more than 7,000 drowning deaths occur each year in the United States. Drowning accidents are the leading cause of death and injury among children under 5. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the second-leading cause of injury-related deaths among children under 15 years […]

Slip And Fall Accidents And Filing Personal Injury Lawsuits

Slip and fall accidents are one of the main causes of injury in the workplace in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), falls are the number one cause of death on the job, after transport-related deaths. In 2014, while employment in the US increased by almost 50%, 4,821 workers died […]

Understanding Child Abuse

A typical American student spends about 15,000 hours in school before they graduate high school. Given the amount of time children spend in school and with their teachers, it is prudent that the right measures are taken to not just prevent but also intervene on time in child as well as adolescent abuse or maltreatment. […]

COPIAGUE: Car Accident Between Toyota and Honda Leaves Woman Critically Injured

WOMAN IN CRITICAL CONDITION AFTER BEING EJECTED FROM VEHICLE FOLLOWING CAR ACCIDENT COPIAGUE, NEW YORK (March 12, 2017) – Police are saying that a driver attempting to make a left turn on Dixon Avenue was hit by another vehicle, according to The driver that was making a left turn was ejected from her vehicle […]

MANHATTAN: Listeria Outbreak Leaves Six People Sick And Kills Three

LISTERIA OUTBREAK LEAVES ONE PERSON DEAD MANHATTAN, NEW YORK (March 12, 2017) – A listeria outbreak has left several people injured and is causing nationwide recalls of various cheese products, according to NBC News. There is no word on how man stores may have been affected. One person from Connecticut has been killed as a […]