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Nursing Negligence and Dementia

A startling trend of nursing home neglect has begun to emerge in recent years. Even worse, cases of nursing home neglect have been shown to be treated far less severely than the neglect of children and even that of animals. It has been revealed that the number of nursing home deaths and injuries caused by neglect or abuse is severely underreported.

Some of the harrowing statistics of nursing home neglect include:

Exhaustion is Leading to Nursing Negligence

According to a new report published in the Mail Online on 2 July 2019, a recent study of more than 1,000 nurses in the US found that the incidence of nursing negligence and medical errors has increased in recent years. The study indicated that this is largely due to exhausted nurses and nurse burnout

Statistical analysis of the study’s results revealed the following:

Burnout and Nursing Negligence

Nurse burnout is a physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion experienced by nurses which negatively affects patient outcomes and leads to job dissatisfaction. The number of nursing negligence lawsuits has increased due to nurse burnout, which is largely caused by organizational factors.

Nursing negligence is an unfortunate and often unavoidable consequence of nurse burnout. Stress, long working hours, infrequent breaks, and rotating shifts slow down reaction times, increases errors, and reduces motivation. All of these factors affect patient care.

Nursing Negligence

Nursing negligence is a type of medical malpractice whereby a nurse, who is fully capable of providing quality nursing services, does not care for you the way a reasonable nurse would. The result of this is unnecessary suffering on your behalf.

Types of Nursing Negligence

There are five major types of nursing negligences that can occur:

The role of communication issues in medical errors

If medical errors were classified as a cause of death, they would be ranked below heart disease and cancer as the third leading cause of death in the U.S. A 2016 study in the BMJ estimated that 250,000 deaths occur each year in this nation because of medical errors. New York residents should know that many of these errors grow out of simple communication issues.

Medication errors and how doctors can avoid them

Patients in New York who expect dependability from their health care practitioners. However, a 2016 study from Johns Hopkins University suggests that more than 250,000 Americans die every year because of medical errors. Despite the availability of digital record-keeping technology in clinics, there are still many ways for simple mistakes to hamper medical care.

Medical Malpractice Arising Out of Nursing Negligence

Doctor with Lawyer - Medical Malpractice.jpg

Doctor with Lawyer - Medical Malpractice.jpgWhile medical malpractice is more often than not attributable to physicians, surgeons, and even pathologists, it is also commonly seen that medical malpractice arising out of nursing negligence happens in the best of hospitals and clinics from time to time.

Study finds skilled nursing care woefully lacking

Do you have an elderly relative living in a nursing home? Or perhaps you might have even spent time recovering from surgery or extended illness in a skilled nursing facility until you were well enough to return home. If so, the following may be of interest.