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New York Police Department officials think that a physician of questionable caliber fled to England after the death of a patient on May 30. A 34-year-old BET employee from Maryland traveled to Queens for silicone injections to her backside, but a homicide occurred as the cause of death was systemic silicone emboli because of the butt injections.

The deceased woman reportedly had trouble breathing soon after the injections took place, and the woman's mother said that she performed CPR on her daughter and demanded that the "surgeon" call 911. The mother had to call 911 herself when the "doctor" took off in a gray SUV, and the woman was eventually taken to St. John's Episcopal Hospital and pronounced dead. A BET spokesperson expressed sympathy for the former freelance employee's family.

The "doctor" in question fled the scene of the two-family home in Far Rockaway where she had set up a plastic surgery office in the basement, and it seems that the woman was not licensed to perform procedures. A grand jury is presently deciding whether to indict, and an extradition proceeding will occur for the "doctor" if an indictment is secured. Sources reported that a family friend arranged the procedure for the decedent, and sources also said that the "doctor" was not living in the basement where her phony practice was located.

Although this case involved a person who was not credentialed, true physicians sometimes make mistakes that result in serious harm or death to a patient, and the choices the doctor made must be less than the standard of care that a group of peers would exhibit in a similar situation. In the event that the patient dies as a result, surviving family members may want to speak with a medical malpractice attorney about the advisability of filing a wrongful death lawsuit that would seek compensation from the negligent practitioner for the damages that they have sustained.


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