Tips For NYC Truck Drivers to Prevent Accidents

There are several security and safety features in today’s age that can help trucking companies and operators prevent road accidents. Safe vehicle operation needs to be enforced by trucking companies and their employees to avoid potential road accidents and unnecessary risks. There are electronic data recorders in most trucks that track the number of hours driven by the truck and other statistics.

New York truck drivers need to be aware of the time spent behind the wheel and driving conditions. Overall safety can be affected which can cause fatigue if they fail to do so. Commercial truck drivers receive training to prevent conditions and risks that may result in fatal or significant road accidents.

Regulations enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier need to be enforced. They also need to pay attention to conditions and factors that could impede their ability to maneuver in a safe way. Truck accidents can be avoided or significantly reduced by abiding by established regulations in the trucking industry.

Factors Contributing to New York City Truck Accidents

Driver error is the primary cause of accidents involving semi-trucks. This includes everything from the inability to identify risks and poor judgment to failure to properly react. Common examples of driver error include driving too fast for wet weather, talking on the phone, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and not taking care of blind spots.

Major truck accidents can take place during bad road conditions too. Snow, ice, high winds, and hail are primary contributors to truck accidents. This is because drivers lose control of the carry loads. Mechanical failures and damage to parts are other common causes of accidents. It can be disastrous if the trucks are ill-maintained or the equipment is not used as intended.

Employee training on the correct usage of equipment can help prevent such accidents. Proper maintenance can also help in detecting potential problems. Incorrect load distribution is another leading factor leading to an increased risk of an accident. The truck’s carry load should be positioned properly and secured. Shifts and movements can impair a driver’s ability to control the big-rig.

Avoid Truck Accidents in NYC Using These Tips

Truck drivers usually fare better than car drivers in a crash. But, they are not immune to fatalities and injuries. Driving big-rigs is a tremendous responsibility. Truckers should be responsible to their employer and every other passenger, pedestrian, and motorist on the road.

Here are 10 helpful tips that can help prevent trucking accidents in New York:

1. Drive at a reasonable and legal speed

Speed limits are not suggestions or minimums. They are the maximum limit at which you should drive during a particular stretch. You should always adjust your speed to account for bad road conditions or bad weather. It is important to drive at a reasonable and legal speed to make it safer for everyone involved.

As a truck driver, you have a job to get the cargo to its destination safely and quickly. However, there is no point in speeding if you are risking the cargo. You are not going to help anyone by getting embroiled in a car crash.

2. Plan ahead of time

As a trucker, you probably need to make deliveries in unfamiliar locales. It is recommended that you become familiar with the route before leaving. You may not be able to use the same entrances, roads, exits, or underpasses as regular passenger cars. You should get a good lay of the land ahead of time. GPS are great devices, but they are usually not designed for 18 wheelers.

You should check out various maps ahead of time and plan your route. You could always compare it with the route selected by the GPS. Know your trestle and bridge clearances so that you don’t end up causing an accident by getting your truck stuck in a place where it doesn’t belong.

3. Speak with the customer

Local rounds can be as tricky as highways to navigate. Generally, fatal truck crashes occur on highways. But every once in a while delivery trucks in New York end up in severe truck accidents too. Reach out to the manager or customer at the delivery location.

Call to give them a head’s up as to the expected delivery time. Ask them about potential road hazards in their area that you should be aware of. You should also inquire about special conditions that may affect your driving. The call won’t take more than a minute or two, but it can help you avoid potential hazards when you arrive.

4. Conduct delivery pre-checks

This is just like planning your route for the delivery. You should carry out pre-checks before making the delivery. This is especially true if the delivery is in a highly populated place, like a shopping area. You should be on the lookout for passenger cars looking to take short-cuts where they shouldn’t. 

Similarly, there could be other delivery vehicles moving in. Park your truck and get out if you don’t have a clear line of sight. Look at the place you are and how you need to get to where you have to be. This can go a long way in not blind-siding into another vehicle, rolling your truck, or hitting another pedestrian.

5. Rely cautiously on your spotter

Spotters are helpful in a number of situations. However, the spotter can only watch one side of the truck. They may miss out the front right corner while focusing on overhead clearance. Or, they may ignore overhead clearance while watching the trailer’s back end.

You need to understand that the spotter is just one person. You should be looking at all the points on your own as well. Don’t hesitate in getting out of the driver’s seat to get a visual. It will always help minimize your risk of a New York truck accident.

6. Get enough sleep

You need to follow the regulations laid down for driving hours and sleep. The regulations govern the amount of time a truck operator can be behind the wheel, breaks, and the amount of sleep required. These rules may be the most important rules you need to follow as a truck driver.

Drowsy driving is dangerous. You may have deadlines to meet and quotas to fill, but your sleep and road safety comes first. You need to be efficient if you want to do a good job. You cannot be good at your job by cutting corners.

7. Don’t drive under the influence

Many weary drivers get tempted to use cocaine or amphetamines as driving stimulants. However, this is not a safe solution for sleep fatigue. Your brain stays awake unnaturally when you use drugs. It increases the risk of accidents. You may speed beyond the legal limits, change lanes unsafely, and make other poor maneuvers. Also, you are at a greater risk of falling asleep at the wheel as soon as the stimulants wear off.

8. Avoid distracted driving

You need to stay focused on the road if you want to avoid distracted driving. You should stay away from the phone. Don’t make calls or read texts while driving. Follow the traffic rules like other drivers. Plan your entertainment, like a playlist or radio station before you leave. This way you don’t need to search for a track while driving.

9. Know your truck

You should have a valid commercial driver’s license to operate a truck. You should be familiar with driving the vehicle. You should know how to operate it and what to do if something goes wrong. Truck accidents are commonly caused due to maintenance issues. Broken cargo restraints, brake failure, and steering problems can lead to a disaster on the road. Be aware when a rattle or a noise may indicate maintenance concerns.

10. Know your cargo

You should be aware of what you are hauling as well. This is particularly important if you are an independent contractor working with different companies. You should know what to do when there is an emergency. For instance, you may have a truck full of hazardous or inflammable chemicals.

You should know the correct procedure to follow if things take a turn for the worse. Minor accidents can have severe consequences if the truck is carrying substances that are harmful when released in water or air.

Consult with an Experienced NYC Law Firm for Your Big Rig Accident Lawsuits

Large trucks are an integral component of New York’s economy. However, they do pose a menace on the roadways. Victims of trucking accidents face mounting repair and medical bills. They may have to miss time from work as well, which again adds to the financial problems. It is vital that you speak with an experienced and knowledgeable New York big truck accident lawyer.

Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff law firm has represented several truck crash injury victims with successful results in New York. Our legal team is capable of extensive experience in handling large truck collision lawsuits. We use skilled investigators to determine fault and liability after analyzing accident reports, weather conditions, and eye witness statements.

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