The incidence of slip and fall accidents has increased in recent years in New York according to the data published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Premises liability accidents rank among the top causes of preventable injury-related deaths and are usually the result of negligent property maintenance. An accomplished Bronx premises liability lawyer will be able to help you secure adequate compensation for your injuries.

There are several steps you can take to protect your rights as a victim of a slip and fall accident in the Bronx, NY. These are a few important steps that will increase the likelihood of the compensation you deserve.

Check for Injuries

It is normal to feel disoriented and confused following a slip and fall accident. This is especially true if you hit your head. The first thing you need to do is make sure you are not injured. Check for pains and signs of bleeding. There are a few injuries, such as concussions that are difficult to detect right away. You should remain calm at this point and not make any sudden movements.

Call 911 to Seek Medical Attention

bronx premises liability ambulance

You need to have yourself checked thoroughly by a medical professional. Doctors can look for and determine specific medical problems and suggest an appropriate treatment for them. You can also establish credibility in your claim by getting yourself checked by a physician right away. A common defense in slip and fall accidents is that the injuries sustained are from a previous accident or some other cause.

Determine Why You Fell

You may be in shock from the pain of falling – but you should try and look around. Determine what caused the fall. For instance, did you slip while shopping for groceries? Was there any sign warning about the wet floor? Knowing the cause makes it easier to determine if your injuries are because of someone else’s negligence. A Bronx slip and fall attorney will ask you for the details of the accident to determine cause and fault. This is someone who has been through the legal battlefields before and knows what it takes to survive in a hot zone.

Take Pictures and Make Videos

Photographs and videos can be helpful in proving liability in a slip and fall accident. You can use your phone to capture as many photographs as possible. Don’t forget to take photos of your injuries. You may be able to secure a larger settlement by having the ability to present the jury with visual proof of your injuries.

Get Witness Information

It is common for victims and property owners or managers to remember accidents in different ways because of individually vested interests. Eyewitnesses act as neutral third parties and have zero stake in the results of the personal injury lawsuit. In fact, witness testimonies are sometimes as valuable as photographic proof. Be sure to get their name, phone number, email address, and physical address.

You may also want to get contact information of the people that assisted you. For instance, get the name and contact information of the employee that helped you up and assisted you.

File an Official Injury Report

You should ask the business owner to file an injury report. Make sure the report is as detailed as possible and includes an account of your injuries. Refrain from including any inaccurate information or something you are not sure about.

You should also notify all relevant authorities in the building regarding your accident. The property manager or owner should be told of the accident as soon as possible. It’s best to send a text, email, or a letter notifying them of the accident.

Get the Security Footage

Retail stores and businesses serving the public usually have round the clock camera running. You can ask the management to preserve the footage of the accident. You can also request them for a copy of the footage. If you don’t request this, it is highly likely that the business will record over the tape or throw it away.

Create a Detailed Record

Time makes memories fade away and you would probably not remember everything in detail. This is particularly true if you suffered physical or emotional trauma. You should make a written record of the event and give a copy to your Bronx slip and fall lawyer. No detail is insignificant when it comes to a personal injury claim.

You should also keep a copy of all other records. A seasoned Bronx, NY trip and fall lawyer will ask you to organize the following information:

  • Medical bills
  • Medical records
  • Communications with the doctor
  • Communications with the employer
  • Copies of slip and fall accident report
  • Explanation of benefits statement
  • Receipts for any other expense

Any competent slip and fall accident lawyer Bronx will also ask you to keep a written journal of everyday challenges and hurdles you face because of the injuries suffered. This can include your inability to perform daily tasks, unmanageable pain levels, and more.

Refrain from Making Any Immediate Statements

The at-fault party’s insurance company may reach out to you for a recorded statement. You should not give any verbal or written statement without first speaking with your slip and fall attorney in the Bronx. It’s vital that you don’t blame anyone for the accident or respond to statements that indicate your own negligence. Politely decline to make a statement if the property owner’s insurance agent calls you. Instead, allow your slip and fall attorney Bronx to take over.

Stay Off Social Media

You need to keep in mind that you can damage your slip and fall case by discussing it on social media. Anything discussed on social media can be used against you. It can potentially ruin your chances of obtaining a fair settlement.

Call a Slip and Fall Lawyer in the Bronx

There are several reasons to retain the services of an attorney as soon as possible after you are injured in a slip and fall accident. Your attorney can answer all your questions and help you make the best decisions. A knowledgeable Bronx premises liability lawyer will help you with negotiations to ensure you get a fair settlement.

If the property owner or manager is at fault for the accident, a capable Bronx slip and fall attorney will be able to hold them accountable. They will also prevent any future accidents from occurring. Your attorney will handle all paperwork and take care of the deadlines to ensure you can focus on your recovery.

Things to Avoid After a Slip and Fall Accident in Bronx

There are a few actions that may hurt your ability to get the compensation you deserve. You should avoid doing the following things:

Standing up right away

It’s best to wait a few minutes if you fell on your back before getting up. You need to take things slow and stop if you feel any severe pain. Wait until the ambulance arrives if the pain is unbearable.

Throwing blame around

Don’t blame yourself or others. You should refrain from admitting fault. In fact, even a simple sorry can be construed as accepting fault and can be used against you in court.

Signing anything

Consult with a tough slip and fall lawyer in the Bronx before you sign any paperwork from the property manager or owner. You don’t need to sign anything before your attorney reviews it.

Be accurate

Don’t give any false information or pretend that your injuries are more severe than they actually are. You should provide an objective and accurate account of the events.

Report the accident

Don’t be embarrassed and make sure to report the accident to the premises manager or owner. Most people want to leave the store immediately after a slip and fall incident. It’s not your fault that you fell and you should take the necessary steps for holding the negligent parties accountable for their actions.


Many people are quick to apologize. In fact, saying sorry comes automatic to them even when it is not their fault. Resist the urge to say sorry until you know whose fault it really is.

Ignoring pain

Call for the paramedics if you are seriously injured. You should visit the hospital and receive a medical examination. You can also visit your primary care physician if you don’t want to visit the hospital. With that said, you need to do this immediately or the insurance company may use it as an excuse to deny your claim.

Skipping doctor’s appointments

You should not skip any doctor’s appointments or physical therapy sessions. Insurance companies will seize on any chance to reduce or deny your compensation.

Recorded statement

You should not provide the insurance company with a written or recorded statement even if they ask you for it. You can always direct them to your Bronx slip and fall lawyer. Their request may sound innocent enough, but they will use your statement against you to deny compensation.

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