Why Negotiating with Insurer for Personal Accident Insurance on Your Own is Wrong

According to the traffic safety data from the state of New York, the occurrence of car accidents have been on the upward rise, with 294,757 total crashes being reported in the year 2012. As a victim of an accident, it is a marvelous thing to be proactive and independent, but you need a certain level of expertise and skill to be able to negotiate with an insurance company for personal accident insurance. Negotiating on your own with an insurance company for personal insurance accident claim might mean you being taken for a ride. It is critical to know your rights when you find yourself in a legal tangle, and the best way to make sure those rights are safeguarded is to hire the services of an attorney. There are many reasons not to try negotiating with an insurance company for personal accident insurance on your own. Here are some of them. There are certain things you may not be aware of when you negotiate directly with an insurance company after an accident, that their representatives are trained to implement strategic ways of trying to get you to admit something which could hamper your rights to claim a benefit. In fact, there are times that even your own insurance company might exhibit these diversion tactics to stop you from making a claim against your own coverage.

The Main Prize

The end game for insurance companies has always been profit. Since you are a lay person who might not be aware of their strategies, you might be at risk of having wool pulled over your eyes. With the help of a qualified legal professional, you can make sure that your interests are safeguarded and that the playing field is evened out. An insurance company is aware of the financial strife that accident victims face if they aren’t able to work. They may use these conditions to try and arm-twist victims into settling for lesser personal accident insurance claim that what is actually due to them.

Insurance Agent Ploys

Insurance agents have been specially trained to lull unsuspecting victims into a sense of security by mirroring their body language and matching the cadence of their speech. If you even by mistake, admit responsibility or fault to an insurance adjuster, it may be construed as a declaration of liability and your personal accident insurance claim might be rendered ineligible. Even something as simple as an apology, can be used to deny you what you are due. It is difficult to keep all these parameters in mind and you might end up slipping on something when negotiating with an insurance company. There are many reasons not to try negotiating with an insurance company for personal accident insurance on your own As an accident victim, an insurance company may provide you with terms of settlement that are far less than the amount of compensation you may have been due if you had hired the services of a professional. This happens because many victims are unaware of their legal right pertaining to compensation.

No Equal

It is challenging to stay on top of all these parameters and negotiate with an insurance company. While there is plenty of information available online about filing a personal accident insurance claim and representing yourself, nothing can substitute the skill and expertise that a qualified attorney can bring to the table.