Water main breaks can cause significant traffic problems – a West Village incident late last month was no exception. New York ABC affiliate WABC reported on a January 28 rupture in lower Manhattan, where a twelve-inch pipe broke in the vicinity of Greenwich and Clarkson Streets.

Combined with the major outflow of water from the pipes, super-cold temperatures made it hard for city workers to get everything cleaned up. In addition, road crews found that they needed to take up part of the street in order to repair the water infrastructure. Eventually, authorities closed Greenwich Street between Leroy and Clarkson streets, and Clarkson Street between Hudson and Washington streets.

Handling Water Main Breaks

Typically, local law enforcement or public transportation workers will close streets, but the first drivers into the area usually have to face the consequences of a broken water main on their own, and they will have to use good judgment in getting through or around flooded areas. These kinds of roadway disturbances require quick and effective responses from municipalities, and vigilance and defensive driving from individual motorists. The moving water can cause accidents when drivers stop suddenly or fail to keep control of their vehicles. Changing traffic patterns can also cause collisions. New York City car accident law firm attorneys and other individuals who deal with these kinds of accidents regularly will understand the consequences of moving water on the road from water main breaks or other emergencies. In order to mitigate the effects of these emergencies, some major cities with heavily traveled freeways have begun to issue online or mobile app warnings that can help drivers detour around water main breaks and other situations. These types of broad-spectrum public safety tools can limit the chaos that these kinds of flooding can cause in urban areas. Again, quick responses also help stem the tide of water and limit the collisions and liabilities that may happen in the aftermath. New York City car accident law firm attorneys look closely at these kinds of incidents, evaluating whether appropriate public safety infrastructure is in place, as well as how individual drivers handled these temporary challenges.

The Context for Traffic Accidents

Although distracted driving and driver error are a huge problem in most states, many auto accidents don’t happen in a vacuum. Factors like flooding, implement weather, decreased visibility or some kinds of inadequate safety planning can also leave drivers at risk. States with no-fault insurance look critically at the many factors involved in a traffic accident, and so do New York City car accident law firm professionals in representing their clients, who may face high medical bills and many other costs related to an injury. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in one of the five boroughs or elsewhere in New York, call the professional personal injury lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff LLP to talk about what factors may have been involved in your accident, and how to secure compensation for your recovery. 


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