NYC couple and newborn baby die in recent hit-and-run accident

Car accidents are often tragic. However, some are even more horrific than others, leaving community members in shock. That has been the case after a recent fatal car crash in New York City left a young couple and their newborn baby dead.

The woman was seven months pregnant. She started not feeling well, so she and her husband called a car to take them to the hospital. On their way, the car was hit by another vehicle. The man died instantly. The woman was thrown from the car and pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The couple’s baby initially survived the crash and was delivered by cesarean section. However, reports indicate that the child has also died.

Police are searching for the driver of the other vehicle and a passenger that was in that vehicle at the time of the crash. Both fled from the scene of the accident. The couple’s family is pleading with the driver to come forward.

The driver of the livery car survived the crash. He reportedly only suffered minor injuries in the fatal accident.

The driver that fled from the scene of the accident is likely to face criminal charges. He or she may also be held accountable through civil lawsuits. A successful wrongful death lawsuit can help surviving family members cover expenses related to the accident as well as provide them with a sense of justice.

This tragic accident shows what can happen when people drive recklessly. In the blink of an eye an entire family was lost. To prevent horrible accidents like this from happening in the future drivers should remember to use caution every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Source: CBS News, “Baby born after parents killed in NYC hit-and-run dies,” March 4, 2013