NEW YORK: Henry Walker Killed In Deadly Truck Accident After Semi-Truck Driver Rear Ended Multiple Vehicles On The Bronx Expressway


BRONX, NEW YORK (December 27, 2016) – Several people were killed and many others were seriously injured when a tractor trailer rear ended cars and another big rig on the Bronx Expressway, according to ABC News.

Authorities have been able to identify two of the people that died in the accident as Henry Walker and Khalil White. Police are saying that the truck was not able to stop in time and crashed into the other vehicles. Henry Walker has been identified as a resident of Virginia and Khalil White is said to be from Pennsylvania.

The identity of the the third person that was killed has not been released at this time.

The RMFW Law Firm was deeply saddened to learn about the tragic death of Henry Walker and Khalil White. We encourage the police to conduct a thorough investigation for the sake of all of those affected. It appears that there may have possibly been some type of malfunction with the brakes on the truck. Or it is possible that the driver was simply driving too fast for the prevailing conditions of the road.