Jets coach involved in 3-car crash

A car accident may not only force people to change their plans. A car accident can also leave people with serious injuries. Those serious injuries may even prevent people from working.

The coach of the New York Jets was recently involved in a car accident. Rex Ryan reportedly ran through a red light before colliding with another vehicle. A third vehicle was also hit.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident. However, that is often not the case. Car accidents can cause devastating injuries that require hospitalization, surgery and rehabilitation. Sadly, many people suffer fatal injuries in a car accident.

Car accidents can occur for a number of reasons. Drivers using their cell phones or other devices can become distracted. An accident can occur when someone takes his or her eyes off the road for a split second. Drivers who are speeding and those who choose to drive impaired put themselves and others at risk.

When people are injured by a negligent driver they may decide to pursue legal action. A lawsuit not only holds a driver accountable for their reckless actions. A lawsuit can also alleviate financial burdens that resulted from a serious accident.

No one anticipates that they will be the victim in a car accident. However, accidents happen every day all over the country. New York City residents who are involved in an accident would be best served working with an experienced attorney. An attorney will work on behalf of his or her client to get them the compensation they deserve.

Source: The New York Times, “Jets’ Ryan Involved in Car Accident,” Ben Shpigel, Jan. 22, 2013