Famous rapper injured in New York City crash

As evidenced by a recent crash in New York City, no one is immune to car accidents. Even the rich and famous can be victims of car accidents. They may even suffer injuries serious enough to warrant a trip to the hospital.

Last week, rapper 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was involved in a car accident on the Long Island Expressway. According to reports, a truck rear-ended the rapper’s vehicle after its load shifted, causing the driver to lose control. Information on the rapper’s website indicates that the impact of the accident almost caused the SUV he was in to flip over.

The rapper was taken to New York Hospital Queens. Fortunately, he only suffered minor injuries to his neck and back.

Jackson was in the passenger seat. His driver also suffered injuries in the accident.

A car accident can do more than just derail a person’s plans. When people are in a car accident in New York City or elsewhere, they may suffer serious injuries that require hospitalization, surgery and rehabilitation. It can alter a person’s entire life.

When the car accident is the result of another driver’s negligence, victims may be able to pursue legal action in the form of a personal injury lawsuit. Although most car accidents are unintentional, driver’s who are reckless and inattentive should be held responsible.

Money that is obtained through a personal injury lawsuit can be used to cover medical expenses and lost wages. After all, people should not have to suffer financial setbacks because of another person’s negligent behavior.

Source: New York Times, “50 Cent Injured in Car Accident,” James C. McKinley Jr., June 26, 2012