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Bronx Car Accident Lawyer: At what speed do most car accidents occur in the Bronx, NY?

Speeding is a primary factor in over 26% fatal car accidents in the United States each year, as per a report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The fact that policymakers are steadily increasing posted speed limits across the country doesn’t help. If you or someone you love was injured in a car crash involving speeding, you have the right to file a lawsuit and claim monetary compensation.

An experienced Bronx car accident lawyer will have the necessary resources and legal knowledge to maximize your compensation and get the justice you deserve.

Speeding is a primary factor in over 26% fatal car accidents in the United States each year, as per a report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The fact that policymakers are steadily increasing posted speed limits across the country doesn’t help. If you or someone you love was injured in a car crash involving speeding, you have the right to file a lawsuit and claim monetary compensation.

An experienced Bronx car accident lawyer will have the necessary resources and legal knowledge to maximize your compensation and get the justice you deserve.

The Science Behind Speeding and Auto Crashes

“Speed Kills” may be an old cliché, but is backed by solid scientific evidence based on centrifugal force, vehicle mass, velocity, kinetic energy, and Newton’s law. The risk of entering a fatal crash is doubled with every 10 mph increase in speed. In short, if you go up to 80 mph from 60 mph on Bronx roads, the risk of killing someone increases by 4 times.

As your speed doubles, so does the risk of getting serious injuries and damages. In 2018, speed was the chief responsible factor in almost 9,378 deaths. The risk of injury when a car is going slow is 1%. It increases to 69% at 50 mph. In theory, it is virtually inevitable to avoid a fatal car accident at speeds of 70 mph or more.

Speeding makes it difficult for drivers to remain in control of the car, maneuver corners, and avoid hitting objects on the road. It also takes longer to stop when a car is at a higher speed.

Modest Speed Increases Can Have Deadly Consequences on the Bronx, NY Streets

Small speed increases can have substantial impact on crash outcomes as per a recent crash test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, and Humanetics. Crash tests were conducted at three different speeds – 40 mph, 50 mph, and 56 mph. The smallest increase in speed levels caused a manifold increase in the risk of getting seriously injured.

Drivers on Bronx streets are known to travel faster than posted speed limits. Based on this, there is a cause for increasing concern with officials raising the limits to match travel speeds. There is a posted speed limit of 70 mph or more in over 41 states. The 2019 IIHS study found that nearly 37,000 people have died in auto accidents over the past 25 years because of rising speed limits.

The AAA Foundation collaborated with Humanetics and IIHS to examine the impact of speed on the severity and likelihood of occupant injury in a car crash. Researchers found that an increase in crash speeds led to more structural damage on the dummy’s body. A prominent problem with higher speed limits is that it cancels out the benefits of safety improvements in cars, such as airbags and structural designs.

There was minimal intrusion at 40 mph impact speed. Pertaining to this, there was noticeable deformation of the foot area, dashboard, and door opening on the driver’s side at 50 mph impact speed. The vehicle interiors were severely compromised at 56 mph. The dummy’s sensors registered severe neck injuries and an increased risk of fractures in the lower leg.

At speeds over 50 mph, the deployed airbag’s upward movement made the dummy’s head smash into the steering wheel. Measurements showed that there was a high risk of severe brain injury and facial fractures.

Consequences of Speeding on Bronx Roads

Many people that speed in the Bronx, NY don’t think of it as a big problem. They feel that they can get to their destinations sooner by pushing the vehicle a little faster. Most drivers are only concerned about getting a speeding ticket. In reality, speeding can lead to a number of problems and unfortunate consequences for drivers.

  • Reaction times: Speeding requires faster reaction times. If something happens, you need to react quickly if you are driving at a higher rate of speed. Unexpected hazards are the reason why certain streets have lower posted speed limits. You may not be able to brake in time if you come down these roads at a high rate of speed.
  • Maneuver road hazards: You may not be able to respond to curves and other hazards on the road when you speed. In fact, you may struggle to keep your car in the correct lane as well. Other drivers don’t know how to react when a car drifts into oncoming traffic. As a result, they may fail to appropriately respond to actions, which increases the accident risk.
  • More stopping distance: If a deer runs out on the road, you will need more time to bring the car to a complete stop if you choose to speed. You would also need more stopping distance to respond to a driver in front of you slamming the brakes or a child running on the street.
  • Increased force: During an accident, speeding can increase the impact involved in an accident. The force applied to your car and the other driver’s car increases because of the speed. The force may cause the injuries to become worse and increase the risk of a fatal accident.

In most cases, speeding won’t help you reach your destination any faster. However, it may cause you to get into an accident. An experienced auto accident attorney Bronx will inform you that stop signs, red lights, and traffic signals all play a role in slowing down the rate of travel.

Prove Liability in a Speeding Accident in Bronx, NY

bronx car accident lawyer speeding accident

You should not delay consulting the best car accident lawyer Bronx if you suffered injuries in a traffic accident. Your attorney will prove that the other driver chose to speed, which contributed to the accident. The fact that the driver was speeding is not going to increase the compensation amount. Stemming from this, it may cause the driver to face other penalties because of speeding. Proving that the other driver was speeding can help prove that they caused a part of your accident.

You should consult with a Bronx accident lawyer to learn more about maximizing compensation. You should also take the following steps to prove liability in a speeding accident:

Summon the police

When you call the police at the scene of a car crash, you ensure there is an official report of the accident. This can be helpful in establishing fault in the accident. The other driver may be issued a citation by the responding officer. In any case, the driver’s speed at the time of the accident will be mentioned in the police report and used by a qualified motor vehicle accident attorney Bronx to maximize your compensation.

Get security footage

If possible, check the security footage of the accident. This can be through traffic cameras at the scene of the accident. You can determine the rate of speed by calculating the distance between two cameras and the time taken by the car to reach the second camera. You can also ascertain whether a car is speeding by comparing them to other cars on the road.

A skilled Bronx NY car accident lawyer will secure camera footage by checking in with local businesses. Many businesses have parking lot cameras that are installed close to the road.

Evaluate the damage

You can assess whether the other driver was speeding at the time of the accident by evaluating the damage caused to the vehicle, skid marks, and other signs. A hard working and motivated Bronx car accident law firm will have accident reconstructionists on their team. Accidents occurring because of high speed usually cause more damage than vehicles traveling at lower speeds. Excessive damage is usually indicative of higher speed levels at the time of the accident.

Get witness information

You should get contact information of any witnesses at the scene of the accident. An eyewitness can corroborate the facts by stating that the other driver was engaged in dangerous driving behavior, including speeding. You should also get contact information and testimonials from any other driver that stopped at the accident scene. Other drivers on the road can be useful in putting together the events leading to the accident. The negligent driver may have raced past them before crashing into you.

You are in the Hands of a Fighter: Get Legal Representation from a Tenacious Bronx Injury Car Accident Lawyer

The experienced and seasoned Bronx attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP have access to solid legal knowledge and necessary resources that can prove to be invaluable in your car accident claim. As a top-rated Bronx car accident law firm, we also have speed reconstruction experts and accident reconstruction specialists that can piece together the events leading to an accident.

These facts can be useful during negotiations with the insurance company. It takes a strategy-driven Bronx injury car accident lawyer to help maximize the settlement during negotiations stage. By working with us, you can get access to our team of proven accident reconstruction specialists, expert witnesses, formidable attorneys, and other resources.

If you or someone you love was injured in a car accident due to the negligence of the other driver, the dedicated and results-oriented car accident attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP can help. Schedule your free and confidential consultation with us today. Call 212-344-1000 or reach us online

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