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People and families in New York City who have seen the effects of a traumatic brain injury know how devastating that type of injury can be. A traumatic brain injury can cause seizures, coma and even death. People who suffer a serious brain injury often must endure a long, painful recovery.

One man and his family know firsthand how devastating a brain injury can be. In 2010, the then 17-year-old was involved in a serious car accident. He was barely alive when paramedics arrived on the scene. Doctors did not give the teenager a very positive outlook. However, his family was determined to do whatever they could do to save his life. After hearing about another case in which a 26-year-old man survived a traumatic brain injury with high doses of omega-3 essential fatty acids, the young man’s parents decided to see if it would help their son. Two weeks after doctors gave the teenager high doses of fish oil he began to show signs of improvement. In fact, he improved so much that he was able to attend his high school graduation three months after the accident. The young man still experiences side effects. However, he has made drastic improvements considering that doctors believed he would remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. His family believes his incredible recovery is due at least in part to the large amount of fish oil that he received. People who suffer a traumatic brain injury often are faced with high medical bills, as evidenced by this story. They may be unable to work as a result of their injuries. If their injury was a result of another person’s negligence they have legal options to consider. They may be awarded compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Source: CNN, “Fish oil helped save our son,” Stephanie Smith, Oct. 19, 2012


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