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Should I Go To The Doctor After A Slip And Fall?

If you’ve recently experienced a slip or trip injury, you may be wondering whether or not it’s necessary to see a doctor. Perhaps you feel embarrassed, or you believe that the incident wasn’t severe enough to warrant medical attention. Based on this, even if you feel fine after your fall, it’s crucial to understand that some injuries may not present symptoms right away. Seeing a doctor can not only help diagnose any underlying issues, but it can also provide valuable documentation for a potential personal injury claim in New York.

go to doctor after slip fall

If you’ve recently experienced a slip or trip injury, you may be wondering whether or not it’s necessary to see a doctor. Perhaps you feel embarrassed, or you believe that the incident wasn’t severe enough to warrant medical attention. Based on this, even if you feel fine after your fall, it’s crucial to understand that some injuries may not present symptoms right away. Seeing a doctor can not only help diagnose any underlying issues, but it can also provide valuable documentation for a potential personal injury claim in New York.

Reasons to See a Healthcare Provider After a Slip & Fall Injury

You may not realize it right away, but there are several reasons to go see a doctor immediately after you’ve slipped and fell:

You Might Have Injuries You Do Not Know About

One of the most concerning aspects of slip and fall accidents is that injuries may not always be immediately apparent. You might be able to stand up and walk away seemingly unscathed, only to find that you’re experiencing pain or other symptoms in the days or weeks following the incident.

For instance, a headache might be a sign of a concussion, and a bruise could be a blood clot. The severity of your injury may also be hidden beneath the surface, as is the case with soft-tissue injuries like strains, sprains, and tendonitis. Soft tissue injuries can be especially tricky to detect and treat, as they don’t always show up on x-rays or other imaging tests. But that doesn’t mean they should be ignored.

In fact, the longer you wait to seek medical attention, the more complicated and painful these injuries can become. That’s why it’s crucial to see a doctor as soon as possible after a slip and fall accident. Not only can they identify any hidden injuries, but they can also help you develop a treatment plan that will get you on the path to recovery faster.

Your Injuries May Be More Severe Than You Realize

go to doctor after slip fall injuries

Following a slip and fall accident, it’s common to think you’re perfectly fine and simply brush off the incident. Pertaining to this, the truth is that your injuries may be more severe than you realize. Even if you can walk away from the accident, you could still be experiencing hidden injuries that could worsen over time.

Days or weeks after the fall, you might experience symptoms such as back pain, headaches, or cuts that seem to have appeared out of nowhere. These seemingly minor injuries could be indicative of much more serious underlying conditions that need medical attention.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and account for over 32,000 of fatal falls among older adults. It’s crucial to consult with a doctor as soon as possible, as TBIs can have long-term consequences and may not immediately present noticeable symptoms.

Moreover, bruises may not seem like a cause for concern, but they could be masking an even more severe issue such as a blood clot. Blood clots can lead to serious complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can be fatal if left untreated.

By seeking medical attention immediately after a slip and fall accident, you can receive a proper diagnosis and get the necessary treatment to prevent any hidden injuries from worsening. Your doctor will know what to look for and can monitor your condition to ensure any changes are caught early on. Remember, your health is your top priority, and seeing a medical professional after a fall can ultimately help you get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

You Might Be at Risk of Falling Again

Falling once can double your risk of falling again, according to the CDC, due to several reasons. First, after a fall, you may become more fearful and cautious, leading to a decrease in physical activity and muscle strength, which in turn increases the risk of future falls. If the fall resulted in an injury, you may have reduced mobility and balance, making you more susceptible to future falls.

Secondly, certain medications can cause dizziness, drowsiness, or other side effects that affect your balance and coordination. For example, medications used to treat anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders can cause dizziness and affect your ability to maintain balance. Blood pressure medications and diuretics can also contribute to falls by causing dehydration or low blood pressure, which can lead to lightheadedness.

Environmental factors such as poor lighting, cluttered pathways, and uneven surfaces can also increase the risk of falls. By speaking with a doctor about any potential risk factors and seeking medical attention after a fall, you can take steps to prevent future falls and protect your overall health and well-being. Don’t let a fall hold you back – take action and stay safe.

Hidden Injuries and Symptoms after a Slip and Fall Accident

Falling down can be a traumatic event, and it is not uncommon to feel a bit disoriented or stunned immediately following a slip and fall accident. While some injuries may be immediately noticeable, others may take time to develop or become apparent. Here are some symptoms and injuries that may not be immediately apparent after a fall:

Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries are common after a fall and can range from mild concussions to more severe traumatic brain injuries. Concussions often do not present any symptoms immediately, and it may take hours or days for them to become apparent. Symptoms of a concussion can include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Sensitivity to light or noise
  • Trouble concentrating or remembering things

Internal Injuries

Falls can also result in internal injuries that are not immediately apparent. These may include injuries to internal organs or internal bleeding. Symptoms of internal injuries may not be visible on the outside of the body and can include:

  • Swelling or bloating of the abdomen
  • Pain or tenderness in the abdomen
  • Shortness of breath
  • Lightheadedness
  • Nausea or vomiting

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries involve damage to muscles, tendons, and ligaments and can occur even in the absence of any visible cuts or bruises. Symptoms of soft tissue injuries may include:

  • Swelling
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Stiffness or limited range of motion
  • Bruising

Fractures and Broken Bones

A fall can cause fractures or broken bones, which may not be immediately apparent. Fractures can occur in any bone in the body, and symptoms may vary depending on the location of the fracture. Some common symptoms of fractures include:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Difficulty moving the affected body part
  • Deformity or a visible bump or abnormal shape in the affected area

Benefits of Seeking Medical Attention

It’s vital to seek medical attention immediately following a slip or trip and fall accident in New York, even if you don’t feel any discomfort or see visible injuries for two major reasons:

It Will Prevent Any Potential Hidden Injuries from Causing Long-Term Harm to Your Health

As discussed above, hidden injuries from a fall accident could be serious and cause long-term harm to your health if left untreated. By getting medical help promptly, you can prevent any potential hidden injuries from causing long-term damage.

A slip and fall accident can easily cause injuries to your body’s internal structures, such as the bones, tissues, or organs. These types of injuries may not be visible on the surface and can often go undetected without proper medical attention. Some injuries may not even become apparent until days, weeks, or even months after the accident. In some cases, the body may try to compensate for an injury, leading to further complications down the road. Consulting with a doctor as soon as possible after the fall can help detect any underlying injuries before they progress and cause more considerable problems.

In addition to preventing long-term harm, getting a thorough medical evaluation can also provide peace of mind. Knowing that you have received proper medical care and that any potential injuries have been identified and treated can help alleviate stress and anxiety related to the accident.

It Will Help Build a Strong Slip and Fall Injury Case

Going to the clinic or an emergency room right after a slip and fall accident can help you build a strong personal injury claim in New York if you decide to pursue legal action. By visiting a doctor, you will not only receive a professional medical evaluation of your injuries, but also get proper documents that can serve as valuable evidence in your legal claim for damages, including:

  • Treatment plans
  • MRI results
  • Admission forms
  • Follow-up schedules
  • Diagnosis records
  • Test results
  • Procedure summaries
  • X-ray results
  • Daily charts
  • Discharge instructions
  • Hospital records
  • Prescription medications

Although a medical report is a useful starting point for collecting evidence after a fall accident, these additional documents can provide important details and evidence to support your injury claim.

Insurance companies and property owners in New York may try to dispute your claims if you don’t have medical records to prove the extent of your injuries. Furthermore, with proper documentation, you can establish the severity and duration of your injuries, which can strengthen your case and increase your chances of receiving fair compensation.

Another benefit of this documentation is that it will help establish a clear timeline of events. This is important because in absence of proper medical records, it can be challenging to prove when and where the accident occurred and whether you obtained timely treatment for it.

Get the Legal Help You Need for Your Slip and Fall Injury Case in New York

Have you or someone you care about recently experienced a slip and fall injury due to another’s negligence? Don’t let the physical, emotional, and financial toll go unnoticed. Our team of accomplished personal injury attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP is here to help you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

We understand that dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming, which is why we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. You have nothing to lose by talking to us, and everything to gain. Our lawyers have the skills, resources, and knowledge to handle your personal injury claim effectively and maximize your financial recovery.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek legal help. Time is of the essence, as there are strict deadlines for filing a slip and fall accident lawsuit in New York City. Call us today at 212-344-1000 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

How Long Do I Have To Hire An Attorney After A Slip And Fall Accident?

Have you recently been involved in a slip and fall accident in New York? If so, you may be wondering how long you have to hire an attorney to represent you. According to the New York State Bar Association, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims, including slip and fall accidents, is three years from the date of the injury. Put simply, you have three years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit in the state’s civil court system – barring a few exceptions.

What is the Statute of Limitations in New York for Slip and Fall Injury Claims?

The statute of limitations in New York refers to the legal time limit within which a person must file a lawsuit in the state’s civil court system. For personal injury claims, including slip and fall accidents, it is three years from the date of the accident.

This means that a person has three years from the date of their slip and fall accident to file a lawsuit against the responsible party in order to seek compensation for their injuries. As an injured victim, if you fail to file a lawsuit within this statue, your claim may be dismissed entirely, leaving you without the compensation you may be entitled to.

Even though three years may seem like a long time, it’s crucial to act quickly if you’re considering hiring an attorney. The longer you wait to seek legal representation, the harder it may be to gather evidence and build a strong case.

What are the Exceptions to the Statute of Limitations?

As we mentioned earlier, there are a few exceptions to the three-year statute for slip and fall cases in New York:

Defendant is a Government Entity

When someone is injured in a slip and fall accident on government property (such as a park, public building, or sidewalk), they may need to take certain legal steps in order to seek compensation for their injuries. One of these steps is filing a Notice of Claim against the government entity responsible for the property where the accident occurred. This Notice of Claim informs the government entity that the injured person intends to file a lawsuit, and provides details about the accident and the injuries sustained.

As for what qualifies as “government property” in New York, it includes:

  • Public schools
  • Government offices
  • Public parks
  • Libraries
  • New York City Housing Authority properties
  • New York City Transit Authority stations
  • Sidewalks under the control of municipal entities

In New York, if a slip and fall accident occurred on government property, the injured person may have as little as 90 days from the date of the accident to file this notice of claim. This is a relatively short time frame, compared to the three-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims in general. Filing a notice of claim within this time frame is critical, as failure to do so may result in the injured person being unable to file a lawsuit later on.

It’s worth noting that the process of filing a notice of claim and pursuing a claim against a government entity can be complex, so it’s recommended to seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process and protect your rights.

Injured Plaintiff is a Minor

If a person who is under the age of 18 gets injured in a slip and fall accident in New York, the time limit to file a lawsuit may be different. In such cases, the statute of limitations will not start until the child turns 18 years old. This means that they will have more time to file a lawsuit for compensation.

For example, suppose a child, who is 12 years old, slips on a wet floor in a supermarket in Brooklyn and gets injured. Normally, the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit in such cases is three years from the date of the accident. But because the child is a minor, the clock doesn’t start ticking until the child turns 18 years old. So, in this case, this kid would have until their 21st birthday to file a lawsuit, which gives them more time to take legal action.

Injured Plaintiff is Mentally Incapacitated

If the injured party is unable to make important decisions due to a physical or mental condition, the statute of limitations clock may be paused until they are deemed mentally competent to pursue legal action. They may have more time than the usual statute to file a lawsuit.

For instance, let’s say someone slipped and fell in a hotel lobby in the Queens and suffered a traumatic brain injury that rendered them legally incapacitated for several years. In this case, the statute of limitations would not begin until the person has recovered and can legally take action on their own behalf.

Pertaining to this, while an extension may provide additional time to file a lawsuit, it’s still important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. The sooner an attorney is involved, the sooner they can begin gathering evidence and building a strong case. Waiting too long can result in lost or destroyed evidence, faded memories, and other complications that may weaken the case.

How Long do I Have to File a Lawsuit against the State of New York for a Slip and Fall Injury?

If you suffer a slip and fall injury on property owned by the State of New York, the time limit for filing a lawsuit is different than for other private properties.

You have to file a claim for your injury within 90 days of the accident or send a Notice of Intention to file a claim to the attorney general’s office within 90 days, containing certain information about the accident and injuries. If you send the Notice of Intention, you can file the lawsuit against the state within two years from the date of your accident.

Some public authorities, such as the Port Authority of New York, have a shorter time limit of 60 days for sending a Notice of Claim. To determine the appropriate time limit for public authorities, it’s necessary to review the statutes that created them. A knowledgeable attorney specializes in slip and fall cases can help you review the details of your accident and figure out which time limit applies to your case.

Why is it Important to Act Fast in Hiring an Attorney for a Slip and Fall Case?

It’s crucial for you to take action as soon as possible and hire a lawyer for your slip and fall case in New York. Waiting too long can have serious consequences, including the risk of your case being dismissed altogether.

Delayed Action Can Lead to Loss of Evidence

When it comes to building a good slip and fall case, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to hire an attorney, the more difficult it becomes to gather evidence and get an outcome in your favor. Witness memories, for example, can fade over time. As more time passes, it becomes increasingly likely that witnesses will forget important details about what happened leading up to, during, and after your slip and fall accident. This is particularly true if there were multiple witnesses, or if the accident occurred in a busy location.

In addition to witness testimony, physical evidence can also be crucial to building a strong case. For example, photographs of the scene of the accident can help establish what caused the slip and fall, and who was responsible for it. Based on this, over time, the physical evidence may be lost or destroyed. This can happen for a variety of reasons – the property owner may clean up the area, or the store may remodel, making it impossible to gather important evidence.

The condition of the accident site may change, making it difficult to reconstruct what happened. Medical records may become more difficult to obtain as time passes, and crucial physical evidence such as surveillance footage may be deleted or lost. Moreover, if you wait too long to hire a lawyer and file your claim, the other party may argue that the evidence is stale or unreliable, and the case may be dismissed.

Risking Claim Dismissal for Waiting Too Long

You have a limited amount of time – usually three years – to file a slip and fall injury lawsuit in a New York court in order to seek compensation for your injuries. If you wait too long and miss the deadline, your case may be dismissed. This can happen even if you have a strong case and evidence to support your claim. Once the statute of limitations has expired, you are no longer legally entitled to file a lawsuit or seek compensation for your injuries.

This is why it’s important to take action right away and hire an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. They can help you gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a good case to support your claim. They can also ensure that your lawsuit is filed within the appropriate timeframe and in compliance with all legal requirements.

Avoiding Costly Mistakes

The legal process after an injury can be intricate and perplexing, and those who have suffered an injury may unintentionally commit mistakes that can negatively affect their case. This can include making social media posts, providing recorded statements to an insurance adjuster, or accepting partial fault for the accident, all of which could potentially reduce the amount of compensation that you are entitled to. By retaining an attorney, you can receive expert guidance and avoid such missteps that could hurt your case.

Receiving Insufficient Compensation

If you are injured on someone else’s property, the insurance company of the property owner may try to settle with you quickly, often before you know the full extent of your injuries or how much they may cost you in the future. This can lead to accepting a settlement that is much lower than what you may be entitled to.

Hiring an attorney can help you avoid this situation by allowing them to review the settlement offer and calculate the true value of your claim. With this information, your attorney can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure that you receive the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. This can help cover medical bills and lost wages and help you get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Securing Your Future

Slip and fall accidents can be sudden and unexpected, but their consequences can last a lifetime. For instance, if you suffer a spinal cord injury, you may be paralyzed, which could require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. This can be emotionally and financially overwhelming, affecting not only your life but also the lives of your loved ones.

You may face physical challenges that make it difficult to perform simple tasks like cooking or bathing, causing you to rely on others for help. This can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated, impacting your emotional well-being. You may also face financial difficulties, such as lost income and expensive medical bills, which can cause stress and anxiety.

An attorney can help you figure out the total financial costs you have incurred and obtain reasonable compensation for things like lasting disability, reduced earning capacity, and pain and suffering. By seeking legal help as soon as possible, you can start to plan for your future and work towards recovery.

Get Our Highly Skilled Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys in New York on Your Side

If you or a loved one have been injured in a slip and fall accident in New York, you must act promptly and seek legal counsel. With the top-rated NYC slip and fall injury attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of experienced professionals with an exceptional success rate in handling slip and fall cases. We have a proven track record of winning almost $1 billion in damages for our clients.

Don’t wait and risk losing your chance at justice. Our dedicated attorneys will guide you through the process, protect your rights, and fight for your best interests. We understand the emotional and financial toll that slip and fall injuries can take on you and your family, and we are committed to ensuring that you receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

Call us today at 212-344-1000 or contact us online for a free consultation, and take the first step towards getting your life back on track.

How Long Does A Slip And Fall Case Take To Settle In NYC?

Slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence in New York City, and they can happen anywhere, from public sidewalks to private businesses. These types of accidents can result in serious injuries, such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries. If you have been hurt in such an accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages.

Taking this into account, it’s necessary to know that personal injury cases can take time to settle. The exact length of time it takes to settle a slip and fall case can vary greatly and depends on various factors. The process can be time-consuming and complicated, and each case is unique. Some claims may settle within a few months to a year, while others may take several years to resolve. Understanding the timeline of your case can help you manage your expectations and make informed decisions about your legal options.

Factors that Affect the Timeline of a Slip and Fall Case in New York

There are several factors that could affect how long your case takes to settle, including:

The Severity of the Injuries

When you slip and fall due to another’s fault, sometimes the consequences can be catastrophic. The injuries sustained can range from minor bruises to severe traumatic brain injuries and even death. If you’re one of the unfortunate victims of a severe slip and fall accident, you may face months or even years of recovery time. And during that time, you may need extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, which can be both costly and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, the process of assessing the full extent of your damages can also be a long and drawn-out process. Your medical care providers may need to conduct multiple diagnostic tests, perform surgeries, and provide ongoing treatment to help you recover. The insurance company of the party responsible for your injury may also require more time to investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident and assess your damages.

Also, even if your injuries seem minor at first, they may develop into something more severe over time. It’s critical to seek medical attention right away and follow through with any recommended treatment plans to ensure that you have the best possible chance of making a full recovery.

At the same time, if your injuries are severe, it’s important to hire an experienced New York personal injury attorney who can help you navigate the legal process and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. A skilled attorney will fight for your rights and work tirelessly to help you recover lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages (for your pain and suffering) related to your injury.

Having a knowledgeable attorney on your side can allow you to prioritize your healing and well-being without having to worry about navigating the complicated legal system. They can take care of the legal intricacies of your case, giving you peace of mind and a chance to focus on your recovery.

The Length of Your Medical Treatment

When you suffer a slip and fall accident, the last thing on your mind is how long it will take for you to recover. But the severity of your injuries can have a significant impact on the timeline of your case. Severe injuries can mean lengthy hospital stays, multiple surgeries, and months, or even years of rehabilitation. Not only is this a difficult and painful experience for you, but it can also mean that your case takes much longer to resolve.

The length of your medical treatment is not something that you can control. It’s obviously important to take the time you need to heal fully and get back to your normal life – but the reality is that the longer your treatment takes, the longer your case may take to resolve. This is because your medical records and bills need to be collected and reviewed, and your attorney needs to work with medical professionals to determine the full extent of your damages.

It can also take time to assess when you have reached maximum medical improvement. This is the point where your doctor has determined that you have healed as much as possible and that any further treatment would be unlikely to help. Your attorney will need to wait until you have reached this point to determine the full extent of your damages and negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement.

It’s crucial to remember that even though the length of your medical treatment and recovery can delay your case, it’s essential not to rush your recovery to try and speed up your case. Your health and wellbeing should always be your top priority, and your attorney will work to get you the compensation you deserve, no matter how long it takes. This is someone who has been through the legal battlefields before and knows how to handle the heat of the storm.

The Amount of Damages at Stake

The amount of damages you are seeking can significantly impact the timeline of your personal injury case. This is because cases involving high damages amounts often attract more attention from the defendant and their insurance company, leading to a more extensive investigation and negotiation process.

So, it’s essential to keep in mind that while a higher settlement or verdict may be ideal, it may also lead to a longer timeline for resolution. It can be frustrating to have to wait for the compensation you deserve, but it’s paramount to have patience and trust the process to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Insurance Coverage

The amount and type of insurance coverage available can also affect how long it takes to settle your case. In some instances, the at-fault party may have limited or insufficient insurance coverage, leaving you with more out-of-pocket expenses and a lengthier negotiation process to reach a fair settlement.

This can add to the already stressful and emotional toll of dealing with the aftermath of a slip and fall accident. This is one of the reasons why it’s so essential to have a reliable and resourceful attorney on your side who can navigate the complex insurance system and help you obtain the compensation you are entitled to.

The Strength of the Evidence

The strength of your case is determined by the quality and quantity of evidence you have to support your claim. If you have compelling evidence, such as photos, videos, and witness statements, it can considerably increase the “strength” of your case and potentially lead to a quicker settlement.

On the other hand, if your evidence is weak, it can make it challenging to prove your case and may result in a longer litigation process. This can be frustrating and emotionally draining, as you may have to wait months or even years to receive the compensation you deserve. That’s why it’s crucial to gather as much evidence as possible to strengthen your case and increase your chances of reaching a favorable settlement in a timely manner.

The Willingness of the Parties to Settle

go to doctor after slip fall settlement

When both parties are open to discussion, a settlement can be reached faster, and the case can be resolved more quickly. Stemming from this, if one party is uncooperative or refuses to negotiate, it can result in a prolonged legal battle, which will only add to the time and costs associated with the case.

Moreover, if there is a dispute over who is liable for the accident or the amount of damages, the case may take longer to resolve. In such cases, both parties may need to gather more evidence, which can be time-consuming, to support their positions. The longer it takes to resolve these disputes, the longer it will take to reach a settlement.

The Court’s Schedule

When a slip and fall case goes to trial, the court’s schedule can become a significant factor in determining the timeline of your case. Unfortunately, court backlogs and delays are a common occurrence in the legal system, which can mean a prolonged wait for your trial date. This can be incredibly disheartening, especially if you are dealing with injuries, medical bills, and other stressors related to your slip and fall accident.

It’s fundamental to have a skilled attorney who can help navigate the court system and ensure that your case moves forward as quickly as possible. They can work with the court to schedule hearings and depositions at the earliest possible date and advocate for your rights in the courtroom.

Tips to Speed up the Resolution of a Slip and Fall Case in NYC

With so many elements at the play, is there anything you can do to expedite the settlement? Absolutely. There are two actions you can take to reduce the timeline of your case:

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Getting medical attention immediately after a slip and fall can do more than just help you feel better. It can also play a crucial role in strengthening your case. The longer you wait to seek medical attention, the harder it becomes to establish a clear connection between your injuries and the fall. This can give the other party an opportunity to argue that your injuries were caused by something else entirely.

Not to mention, delaying medical treatment can cause your injuries to worsen, which can prolong your healing time and delay the resolution of your case. Seeking medical attention as soon as possible shows that you are taking your injuries seriously, and can help establish a solid foundation for your case.

Hire an Experienced Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in New York

Hiring a skilled New York slip and fall accident attorney can be a game-changer when it comes to the timeline of your case. Even though some delays are inevitable, the process of discovery and negotiation for settlements often has numerous inefficiencies. This is where a battle-scarred attorney can help reduce the delays in the process and make it more efficient.

Many insurance companies follow the “war of attrition” strategy while negotiating with injured people who don’t have legal representation. The insurance company doesn’t try to win the case outright. Instead, they try to drag out the process as long as possible, hoping that the victim will give up out of exhaustion or frustration.

This strategy often works for insurance companies because the longer the settlement is delayed, the more financial strain the victim faces. As a result, the victim may become more desperate and settle for a low amount of compensation that doesn’t address their losses properly. Unfortunately, once you accept the settlement, you cannot go back and demand more compensation even if you later realize that it wasn’t enough to cover your losses. Therefore, it’s essential to have an attorney by your side to negotiate the best possible settlement for you.

Once you have found an attorney, it’s equally important to work closely with them and follow their advice. Keep them informed of any changes to your medical condition, and promptly provide them with any requested documentation or information. Your attorney is there to help you, and by working together, you can maximize the chances of a positive outcome and a timely resolution to your case.

It’s not mandatory to hire an attorney to represent you in a slip and fall case in New York if you are the injured victim and want to file for damages. In relation to this, it’s highly recommended that you do so, as personal injury cases require a thorough understanding of the law and legal procedures.

Without legal knowledge and experience, you may not know how to properly investigate your case, collect evidence, and negotiate with insurance companies or the responsible party’s legal team. This could result in a lower settlement or no settlement at all. In addition, without an attorney, you may miss critical deadlines or make mistakes that could harm your case. Simply put, not hiring an attorney can put you at a significant disadvantage and may result in a less favorable outcome.

Why Waiting to Settle with the Insurers Can Benefit Your Case

After an injury, it’s understandable to feel the pressure to settle quickly and get financial assistance to cover medical bills and lost wages. Based on this, settling too soon may not be in your best interest, especially if your injuries are severe.

Taking the time to fully understand the extent of your injuries, long-term prognosis, and necessary treatment options is crucial before accepting any settlement offer. This means: waiting until you have obtained all necessary medical devices (crutches, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, etc.), undergone important surgeries, and have a clear understanding of your rehabilitation needs.

Your financial situation, mental state, and physical abilities can all be affected by a serious injury. Rushing into a settlement may seem tempting, but it may not fully account for all the ways your injury could impact your future.

For example, if you accept a settlement offer before you fully understand your diagnosis and treatment needs, you may not receive enough compensation to cover the costs of future medical bills or essential medical devices. This could leave you with little to no options for getting the care you need down the line.

That’s why having a knowledgeable slip and fall attorney can be a great asset. They can work with your doctor to assess your prognosis, assign values to your losses, and estimate future costs. This way, you can make poignant decisions and feel confident in the settlement negotiation process. Don’t rush into a settlement that may not fully compensate you for your injuries and losses.

For a Winning Legal Strategy, Let Our Experienced New York Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers Represent You

At Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP, we understand that insurance companies often try to take advantage of vulnerable victims by using delaying tactics and making lowball settlement offers. But our team of long-serving personal injury attorneys refuses to let them get away with it. We fight tirelessly for our clients to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

Each slip and fall injury case is unique, and we approach each one with the attention and dedication it deserves. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand the full extent of their injuries, damages, and financial situation. Armed with this knowledge, we develop a robust, evidence-backed strategy to maximize your recovery. To schedule your free consultation, call us at 212-344-1000 or reach out to us online.

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Julio Ochoa
20:49 18 May 23
I highly recommend Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP for their outstanding assistance in obtaining a settlement for an Erb's Palsy birth injury case. Their knowledge, dedication, and compassionate attitude were important in attaining a successful end. Their professionalism and assistance were simply outstanding from beginning to end. I am deeply thankful for their representation and would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone seeking justice in a similar situation.
Aisha Neri
Aisha Neri
20:29 18 May 23
I recently had the privilege of working with Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP on my daughter’s birth injury case involving Erb's Palsy, and I cannot express enough gratitude for their exceptional legal services. From the initial consultation to the successful settlement, they demonstrated profound expertise, unwavering dedication, and genuine compassion for my family's situation.From the very beginning, the team proved their commitment to justice. They thoroughly investigated the circumstances surrounding my child Erb's Palsy birth injury, leaving no stone unturned. Their extensive knowledge and understanding of medical malpractice law, coupled with their deep expertise in birth injury cases, provided us with tremendous confidence in their ability to handle our case.The attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff consistently displayed exceptional professionalism and attention to detail throughout the entire legal process. They meticulously gathered evidence, consulted with medical experts, and built a compelling case that clearly outlined the negligence and liability on the part of the medical professionals involved. One aspect that truly stood out was the genuine care and compassion exhibited by Daniel Minc, Lorraine Licul, and the entire team at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. They treated us not just as clients but as individuals with unique emotions and concerns. They took the time to listen attentively to our worries, provided constant updates on the progress of our case, and promptly responded to our inquiries, ensuring we felt supported and reassured throughout the process. Their empathy and understanding made an immeasurable difference during such a challenging and emotionally taxing time.When it came time to negotiate a settlement, Daniel Minc demonstrated remarkable skill and tenacity. He fought fiercely on our behalf, advocating for fair compensation to cover any potential long-term effects of Erb's Palsy on my child's life. His negotiation skills were truly impressive, as they secured a settlement that exceeded our expectations and provided the financial resources necessary to support my child's future needs.I cannot recommend Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff highly enough to anyone seeking legal representation in Erb's Palsy birth injury cases or any other medical malpractice matters. Their extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and empathetic approach make them an exceptional choice for families navigating the complexities of birth injury litigation. Thanks to Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, my family now has the means to provide the best care and opportunities for my child's future.If you are seeking a law firm that combines legal expertise with genuine compassion, look no further than Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP. They will tirelessly fight for your rights and ensure your voice is heard, providing you with the support and justice you deserve.
Aoki R
Aoki R
17:14 17 May 23
I highly recommend Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP. They are a team of dedicated professionals fully committed to their clients. I have witnessed the firm's amazing work ethic in my experience with their attorneys and Lorraine Licul. Lorraine is a knowledable, empathetic and results-driven professional. Minc is an excellent attorney and I greatly appreciate the firm's expertise.
Michael Levites
Michael Levites
17:42 12 May 23
I have recommended this firm to some of my friends and I heard back only positive feedback about the client responsiveness, diligence and hard work put in by these attorneys. I will continue to refer anyone who suffered a personal injury to Rosenberg Minc..
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