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Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in Brooklyn is facing more than 100 medical malpractice lawsuits. Among the 100 lawsuits, about 12 patients are believed to have died due to the hospital's negligence.

In one instance, a mugging victim was brought to the hospital, but later died from brain injuries. Additionally, two patients died at the hospital when their severe pressure ulcers became infected.

The list of medical mistakes goes on. A patient was apparently given medication that they were allergic to. In addition, a diabetic patient alleges that staff at the hospital allowed a puncture wound to become so infected that they were forced to amputate their toes. A doctor is also accused of causing a baby to suffer permanent brain damage due to errors made during delivery.

Brookdale is one of five hospitals in Brooklyn recommended for mergers by state officials. Other hospitals in Brooklyn have dozens of lawsuits pending. However, when compared to hospitals with a similar number of beds, Brookdale University Hospital appears to have the most problems.

"The number of suits against Brookdale is alarming," one state assemblyman said.

People expect to receive quality care when they go to the hospital. Patients are often in a vulnerable state when they arrive, and they assume they will receive proper treatment.

Due to the vast number of lawsuits pending, it appears that staff at Brookdale University Hospital was careless and reckless on many different occasions.

Medical professionals have a duty to provide the best care possible, but when they fail to do that, they may be faced with a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Source: New York Daily News, "'Alarming' number of lawsuits at Brownville's Brookdale University Hospital," Conor Febos and Lore Croghan, Mar. 1, 2012


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