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As many New York City residents know, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be appropriate when people have been harmed because of an error made by a medical professional. A malpractice lawsuit may give victims a sense of justice as well as lessen the financial burdens that often result from a medical error.

While a medical malpractice lawsuit may be appropriate in certain situations, some victims may simply be searching for answers and an apology.

One woman had been struggling with fertility issues for quite some time. She finally found out she was pregnant with twins in 2003. Unfortunately, her twins were born three months early. After their first week in the hospital, the woman and her husband noticed that one of the twins was in distress.

At the parents' request, a test was run that showed the baby was suffering from a serious condition. Sadly, the baby died eight days after she was born.

The baby's mother hoped hospital staff members could provide her with answers. She wanted to know why the baby wasn't diagnosed sooner. However, she never got any answers. She was even told that no medical records existed for her daughter.

The family filed a lawsuit against six doctors and nurses who cared for the infant before she died. The family was awarded more than $7 million after a doctor and nurse practitioner were found to be negligent.

The mother in this situation simply wanted to be certain the doctors and nurses who treated her newborn did everything they could to help her. Instead of compassion and openness, however, the mother was left angry and uninformed.

Doctors and nurses must work hard to prevent mistakes from happening. However, when tragedies occur because of an oversight or error, medical professionals need to be there to answer to the victims and their families.

Source: The Boston Globe, "Medical malpractice: Why is it so hard for doctors to apologize?" Dr. Darshak Sanghavi, Jan. 27, 2013

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