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A patient is convinced by his eye doctor to undergo cataract surgery. However during the surgery, the doctor inserts the wrong lens, and because of that the patient loses sight in that eye. The patient was experiencing some blurriness in one eye and it was not a major issue. However, the eye doctor convinced the patient that he needed cataract surgery for this issue.

What Happens in Cataract Surgery?

In a cataract surgery, the eye doctor surgically removes the lens covering the eye that has gone bad. The bad lens is replaced by a new lens, which is implanted by the doctor. However, the doctor has to ensure the new lens is suitable for the patient. The correct power of the lens has to be calculated before the surgery takes place.

What Happened During the Surgery?

In the above case, after the surgery, the doctor checks the patient, and finds that the person is not able to see properly with that eye. The doctor performs different tests, and he finds out that the lens that was implanted was not correctly calculated. Hence, the next step is to make the patient undergo another surgery, where the implanted lens is taken out and the correct lens is put in.

However, during the course of this corrective surgery, something goes horribly wrong. During the surgery, the eye doctor finds it very difficult to remove the implanted faulty lens. When he is working to remove the lens, he causes significant damage to that area. He then inserts the new lens and completes the surgery. The next day in a follow up checkup, the doctor takes the patch off the operated eye, and the patient is unable to see anything. It turns out that the doctor had caused considerable damage to the eye while performing the second surgery, and now the patient did not have any vision in that eye.

The Truth is Revealed

Later it was also discovered that the patient was not actually a candidate for the original cataract surgery. In this example, it is quite clear that the doctor recommended a procedure that the patient did not really need. The patient also initially felt that a drastic step as surgery would not be required for slight blurring of the vision, but he did not take a second opinion and relied on the doctor. Since the patient trusted the judgment of the doctor, he went ahead with the surgery.

However, the problems for the patient had just started. After being made to undergo a surgery that was not actually needed, the surgery itself was botched up because the doctor implanted the wrong lens. The corrective surgery that followed was even worse, as the doctor damaged the area while performing the operation to replace the faulty lens.

The Doctor is the Culprit

Due to the extensive injury caused by the doctor during the surgery, the patient went blind in that eye. Hence, what started off as a simple cataract operation that the patient was not supposed to have in the first place, ended with the patient losing a good eye.


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