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Patients in New York and throughout the country trust that their doctors will treat them with care and respect. However, one cosmetic surgeon who is known for posting videos of dancing while performing procedures is the subject of multiple medical malpractice lawsuits. The suits claim that the patients had infections and suffered from brain damage because of the doctor's negligence.

In one case, a woman claims that 911 had to be called after she stopped breathing. She had seen the doctor to have a stomach flattening procedure in preparation for a wedding. The woman was not responsive when medical personnel arrived, and that patient is now reliant on her son to take care of her at all times.

One of the reasons why patients come to this doctor is because of her credentials including being board-certified by the American Academy of Dermatology. However, some claim that this didn't make her qualified to perform cosmetic procedures. Under Georgia law, those who are legally allowed to practice medicine can perform surgeries. According to reports, the Georgia Composite Medical Board knew about this physician's unsafe practices. The chair of that board said that he didn't want to rush to judgement as it could harm that individual in a professional capacity. He also said that cases of emergency room surgeons becoming cosmetic surgeons wasn't necessarily unique.

For an injured patient to obtain compensation, it must generally be shown that a doctor was negligent. This may be shown by referring to patient statements or information released by the medical professional personally. If a negligent doctor did cause a patient's injuries, the victim might be entitled to be paid for medical bills incurred. Lost wages, lost future earnings and other damages may also be included in a settlement or in a jury award after a trial.


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