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Rise in construction in NYC

Construction activities have officially become the leading cause of accidental deaths in New York City, according to CBS Local. Given that NYC is the most populous city in the US, and the population continues to increase, the city's construction sector is a booming industry

The CBS Local report notes that the last five years have seen a 225% surge in construction-work injuries and a 33% increase in on-site fatal accidents. These results show that NYC is the most hazardous city for construction workers. The risk of serious injury or death is extremely high compared to other cities, and the rise in workplace injury lawsuits underscores this fact.

Deaths and Injuries in Construction Work

Workplace accidents happen for various reasons, but when it comes to construction work, they can be narrowed down to a few major ones. 

Construction safety compliance and protocols are essential in this industry because the workers operate in high-risk areas, on unsecured foundations, near heavy machinery, and around combustible and often explosive materials. Many construction companies neglect the compliance protocols due to budget drops or to save money primarily to undercut the competition in an ever so lively industry.

Most projects are also rushed to meet irrational deadlines for more profitable returns. This is extremely dangerous when most of the processes require ample time for proper completion. Construction companies also tend to retain faulty machinery to save expenditure, which is yet another factor that contributes to the casualties.

Cheap labor saves the companies more money, which is why many employers end up hiring unqualified and uncertified candidates. These underqualified and underpaid workers not only endanger themselves but other employees and bystanders as well. 

The Legal Aspect

Many construction-related accidents are preventable if the contractors adhere to compliance standards. Unfortunately, most accidents happen due to poor or no implementation of the safety standards and protocols and recruitment of unqualified labor. This provides solid ground to sue the contractors and companies responsible for the accidents. Losing a loved one to such an accident or sustaining a severe injury during construction work deserves significant financial compensation.

It is vital to use the service of an experienced accident lawyer to file a strong personal injury lawsuit and increase your chances of securing a justifiable compensation. An injury attorney has the necessary experience in these cases and an understanding of the legalities involved. They know what evidence matters and how to get and present the evidence most effectively. On top of that, accident lawyers come prepared with the necessary connections and know the relevant laws and facts. 

Get Help

Accident lawyers NYC specialize in different cases. Depending on the type of accident you or a loved one was involved in, it makes sense to hire a lawyer specializing in a specific case. Be it a personal injury lawyer, a burn injury lawyer, a car accident attorney, a wrongful death attorney, or even a pedestrian injury lawyer, choosing the right attorney is crucial to getting a verdict in your favor. 

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