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Leading Causes NYC Construction

The construction sector of NYC is one of the most dangerous industries as it is responsible for many deaths and injuries of workers as well as bystanders every year. In 2007 alone, 761 construction workers were injured in on-site accidents in the city, according to the NYC Department of Buildings. During the first half of 2019, 286 construction-related injuries were reported in the Big Apple. 

While the labor laws regulate the risks and dangers of the construction sector, the number of deaths and injuries is on the rise. The following list of the five leading causes of construction injuries and deaths may indicate where the problems lie:

1. Falling 

More than 33% of the total number of injuries and deaths in NYC’s construction industry happen due to falls alone. Many construction sites are located at dangerous heights or have open tunnels and trenches in their compounds. Analysts think that with proper training and safety gear, the percentage of people falling at construction sites could decrease. 

2. Electrocution 

The risks of electrocution are present all over the city, and they are even more prevalent in areas of open construction work. Live wires, faulty machinery, damaged cables, unearthed wiring, and compromised insulation are all part and parcel of the problem.  

3. Debris and Falling Objects 

It's not hard to imagine the occasional chunk of debris falling off a building and hitting a pedestrian on the head. Unfortunately, many people have died from such incidents in NYC. Workers accidentally drop equipment, materials, and machinery, which often causes severe damages on the ground. 

4. Tripping 

Construction sites are often littered with equipment, tools, cables, building materials, and debris. Moreover, the ground is mostly uneven and full of ditches, holes, and bumps. Walking across the surface itself is hazardous, especially when it is dark, and there's heavy machinery around. Tripping over in such a condition is yet another leading cause of physical injuries and even deaths in NYC.

5. Heavy Machinery and Hand Tools 

Operating heavy machinery is a big ask for the operators unless they are fully trained and qualified to handle such machines. Failure to operate and malfunctions of machinery is another leading cause of accidents at construction sites. Even hand tools, though less dangerous, can cause injuries in such difficult working conditions. 

The Legal Aspect

Construction work injuries could result from inadequate safety equipment and protocols, lack of training among workers, or negligence in assessing building quality. In case you have been injured in such an accident, you may file a lawsuit for damages. Or if a loved one of yours was killed in a construction accident, you can approach the court to get compensation for their legal heirs. In any case, you will need the service of an experienced personal injury lawyer to file a strong lawsuit. 

Accident lawyers NYC specialize in different cases. It is best to hire a lawyer who has experience in your particular case, such as a personal injury lawyer, a wrongful death attorney, a pedestrian injury lawyer, or a burn injury lawyer. 

Contact a personal injury lawyer NYC to discuss your case and determine whether it makes sense to file a lawsuit. 


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