Burn Injury

Millions Recovered for Burn Injury Victims in New York City

Our fire accident lawyers in New York City have an exceptional track record for winning large settlements and verdicts on behalf of burn injury victims and their families. In one of the burn injury cases, we recovered $5 million as compensation for our client. In another case, where the victim suffered injuries in a Bronx fire, we obtained damages of $5.4 million from the defendant party.

Self-Closing Door Regulation

The NYC Housing & Preservation department has a fire safety regulation that all buildings with at least three apartments should have functional self-closing doors. It is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure this. But in the present Bronx fire accident case, investigators have found that self-closing mechanism malfunctioned in the apartment where the fire originated. As a result, the smoke from the apartment traveled throughout the building. Most of the deaths happened not from direct fire, but from the smoke that penetrated into other apartments and the entire hallway.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Regulation

Survivors from the deadly Bronx blaze have said many building occupants did not escape immediately because the fire alarm in the building goes off frequently. So, even this time, they assumed it was a false alarm. According to the fire safety regulations in New York City, property owners have a legal responsibility in this regard as follows:

  • Building owner must provide and install one or more carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector (approved and operation) in every dwelling unit.
  • Once the installed fire alarm unit has lived out its useful life, the landlord has the responsibility to get it replaced.
  • The landlord is also responsible for ensuring that the fire alarm unit is equipped with a specific end-of-life alarm.
  • Following the installation of a fire alarm, the property owner is required to give a notice to minimum one adult occupant in each apartment regarding the maintenance and testing of the alarm, including what steps to take when the alarm goes off.

Fire Escape and Exit Regulation

The team of fire accident attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP, is also looking at potential violations related to fire escape and exit in the present Bronx apartment building fire. These regulations include:

  • The inside of every apartment door as well as all the common areas should have a fire escape plan clearly posted. The plan must also be distributed to every apartment, all new tenants, and every year during the fire prevention week.
  • Fire escape exits must remain clear without any obstacles or obstructions.
  • Installation of key-locked window gates and double cylinder locks on fire escapes is illegal because it can leave the residents trapped inside an apartment during a fire incident.

We are Accepting Bronx Fire Injury and Wrongful Death Cases

At Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP, our ace legal team is working hard to investigate the Bronx apartment building fire that has caused immense devastation and grief to the victims and their families. If you have suffered any form of burn injury in this accident, or someone you love has lost their life in this deadly fire, we are here to provide you all possible legal support and will fight to help you obtain your rightful damages. To schedule a free consultation with our attorneys, call us at 212-344-1000 or contact us online.


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