Unfortunately, many New York employers have a cavalier attitude about safety. Some may feel that most lawsuits are frivolous or that trial lawyers are just trying to target them for money. Employers who become defendants in a case may try to justify lack of proper security gear, comprehensive security protocols and the types of things that offices like the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration promote and require for New York companies and others around the country. Why is this? There are many reasons, but one relates to training. Many people in the industry are not trained or conditioned to think about the practical aspects of safety. They’re thinking more about how to get a project done, how to work efficiently and how to get quality results. But they should also have an education about internal business practices that will shield the company from liability by protecting people who do the tough work on the front lines. They should have safety training in-house. That's not to say that companies don’t try to provide safety for workers. It's a tough industry, and many people work to instill a safety culture in what goes on at job sites. But as New York personal injury attorneys, it's easy to see how many severe and unfortunate accidents could have been prevented by the types of things that are codified in New York State labor laws and federal OSHA requirements. That's part of what happens when an injury lawyer goes to bat for a client in a New York construction injury case. These professionals are looking to identify that negligence or hazard that can be used to pursue compensation for someone who suffered injury. It's not just a question of going after money -- it's a question of helping someone who needs legal assistance to argue their case in local courts and get justice after a workplace accident.

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