According to a study conducted recently by the federal government, about 800 cyclists died in the year 2015, and close to 45,000 bicyclists were injured in traffic and taken to the ER in the same year. Each year, 2 percent of motor vehicle accident deaths involve bicyclists. The most serious injuries reported, in bicycle accidents, are to the head. This highlights the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. Using a helmet can reduce the odds of a grievous injury to the head by 50 percent and the odds of sustaining a face or neck injury by 33 percent. Most states in the US have helmet use laws in place but some people do not agree with these laws for a few salient reasons but this is another topic. Listed below are a few tips on how to prevent accidents and injuries while riding a bicycle.

Tips to avoid bicycle accidents in New York

  1. The bike you ride must be of appropriate size for the rider. Do not ride a bicycle that is either too small or too big for you. Don’t look ridiculous!
  2. Wear a bicycle helmet that is federally-approved. According to a recent study, riders who do not wear helmets are 14 times more likely to succumb to fatal head injuries when compared to those who religiously wear head gear. Don’t wear a useless helmet like those bikers wore in Sons of Anarchy! And don’t ever make the mistakes that Juan Ortiz made in that show but this is another topic!
  3. Traffic rules are common to all motorists and apply to bicycle riders too. You must stop at red lights’ must not use the walkway; and must always ride with the traffic flow.
  4. Avoid congested highways. Instead, choose residential areas and quieter streets when riding a bike. This will ensure you do not get into a bicycle accident in New York.
  5. To make yourself visible to other vehicles on the road, especially after sunset, you must don bright clothing. Your bicycles too must have reflectors that will allow other road users to see you.
  6. Before riding your bike, be sure to check if your bike’s brakes and reflectors are working properly.
  7. You must maintain a safe distance from parked vehicles to prevent being hit by open doors.
  8. Always get off your bike, when you have to cross a pedestrian lane. In case you get into an accident involving a car, the driver will be liable for injuries that you may sustain if you had gotten off your bike and were pushing it across a pedestrian lane if you have the right away.
  9. When riding your bicycle, avoid listening to music, as this will impede your judgment of how close other vehicles are, and make it difficult for you to listen to what is happening around you. According to traffic safety experts, for any bicycle rider, you should have 100 percent of your focus on the road.
  10. It is easy to avoid a bicycle accident in New York. You must base your speed based on the road conditions and volume of traffic.
  11. Use proper hand signals when stopping, turning, and also changing lanes.
  12. Exercise extra-caution when you have to cross intersections.
  13. You must be extra careful when there is a passing truck, which has a larger blind spot than a passenger car.

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