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Bicycle Accident Causes Serious Injury to Rider

CBS Local New York reported on the bicycle accident that occurred between the Uber cab driver and the bicycle rider. According to CBS, the bike accident occurred at around 11:40 in the morning. The bicyclist was heading west on 21st Street near Ninth Avenue and 21st street when the accident happened, while the Uber driver was traveling in a southbound direction on Ninth Avenue. Preliminary reports indicate that the bicycle rider ran a red light and ran into the SUV being driven by the Uber driver.  The 23-year-old Uber driver remained at the scene of the collision after the accident.  The bicycle rider reportedly sustained serious injuries in the accident and was transported to the hospital for treatment. The accident is still under investigation, according to CBS Local, and the Collision Investigation Squad is currently aiming to determine all of the factors that occurred in the crash. If the bicycle rider did, in fact, run a red light and was responsible for causing the accident, this does not negate the fact the rider may need help paying for the costs of serious injuries sustained in the crash. If a bicycle rider is to blame, in whole or in part for his own accident, the bicyclist could potentially recover damages for losses from his own auto insurance if the rider has an auto policy with personal injury protection. In some accidents with bike riders and drivers, drivers are either wholly or partially to blame. If the driver of the vehicle were found partly at fault for causing the crash, then it is possible the driver could be required to provide at least partial compensation to a bicyclist if the rider sustains serious injuries. New York City bicycle accident lawyers can provide assistance after a bike accident in determining who is to blame for the crash and in determining how seriously injured bike riders or their families can obtain compensation for losses and crash damages. Victims should contact an attorney as soon as possible following the accident to get appropriate legal help.


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