Bicycling in New York

Bicycling activities in New York face various safety challenges, in spite of exclusive cycling tracks and comprehensive traffic regulations for cyclists. According to study, 11% of the city’s population bicycles to work. For their benefit, New York’s traffic authorities facilitate safety for cyclists by:

  • Providing separate bicycle paths, signed routes, and striped lanes
  • Installing parking racks for bicycles
  • Annually publishing and distributing free maps highlighting the city’s bicycle tracks and routes
  • Launching programs about traffic safety for adults and children

If drivers and vehicle owners pay more attention to cycle tracks and cyclist activities in the city, it is believed that a large number of bicycle accidents can be avoided. When you have been involved in a bicycle accident caused by the negligence of a fellow driver on the road, you may be entitled to a compensation for your medical treatment and damages incurred. The best New York City bicycle accident attorneys can help throw light on your entitlements and build a strong case for you to seek compensation.

Safety measures

The Bicycle Program at The Department of Transportation tracks and coordinates initiatives to keep accidents at minimal levels. Signages are being increasingly installed around the city to reduce collisions by other vehicles. Cyclists are being encouraged to wear complete safety gear including helmets, elbow pads, knee caps, safe shoes, and headlights while cycling.

Headlights or tail lights are to be mounted on the bicycle or worn by the cyclist on the road. Side mirrors are to be fixed on bicycles to keep the cyclist aware of his surrounding vehicles on the road. Cyclists are also strongly advised to not use mobile phones or listen to music while bicycling. Bells or other audible and working signaling devices are to be installed in the bicycle.

A major percentage of bicycle accidents are observed to happen at intersections and signaled junctions.

Commonly observed causes of bicycle accidents in New York City

Common causes include:

  • Motorists and vehicle drivers turning across or driving into cyclists’ path
  • Failure of motorists and drivers to observe cyclists or their path
  • Reckless cycling – not riding within the allocated bicycle tracks
  • Cyclists’ ignorance of their exclusive safety norms
  • Lack of safety gear worn by cyclists
  • Poor headlight equipment used while cycling in the night time/dark

Our attorneys consult road traffic authorities, cycling experts and medical professionals while investigating your case of bicycle accident for evidence of third party negligence. We conduct detailed studies on and off the site of the accident to ensure that we have all the necessary evidence and information to claim the compensation you deserve.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident in New York, contact us immediately to build your case. Our New York City bicycle accident attorneys will NEVER charge a legal fee unless we are successful in winning your case. Call now for a free consultation: 212-344-1000.


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