Contributing factors

Consumer Reports states that nearly one in three births happen via C-section. This could be the result of factors such as being an older mother, being overweight or being a diabetic. However, an investigation found that when it comes to mothers identified as "low risk," the rate of C-sections performed is dramatically different from hospital to hospital.

Why? Consumer Reports cites that doctors have different perceptions of prolonged labors. Additionally, there is an increased use of fetal heart rate monitors, which only identify a real problem accurately 15 percent of the time. Therefore, some physicians may be quick to order a C-section in situations where it is not medically necessary.

The World Health Organization recommends that C-section rates should be between 10 and 15 percent. However, the average rate for first-time mothers who should be at a low risk of having the procedure is at 25.8 percent.

Consumer Reports notes that certain states have higher averages with others. The Northeast and South were found to have more C-sections than hospitals in the Midwest and West.

The risk

When a C-section is not necessary, experts recommend avoiding them. Consumer Reports states that these procedures, when not medically necessary, may account for as many as 20,000 surgical complications every single year. Those complications could include the following:

· Sepsis

· Organ injury

· Hemorrhage

Additionally, women who had low-risk pregnancies were three times more likely to die or experience these serious complications after undergoing their first C-section than women delivering vaginally. Not to mention that there is the threat of an injury to the baby during the procedure.

It cannot be denied that C-sections save the lives of many infants and mothers every year. However, expectant mothers are best equipped to make a decision about their births when they know the potential risks associated with every possible medical intervention. Anyone who has questions about this topic should speak with a personal injury attorney in New York.


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