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Legal Definitions Related to NYC Personal Injury Claims

The process of filing a personal injury claim in New York can be somewhat difficult to follow, especially if you have never filed or have been involved in a personal injury claim before. Moreover, the legal terms associated with personal injury claims can be hard to understand for injury victims and their families.

Greater collaboration could reduce rate of diagnostic errors

On behalf of Daniel C. Minc Study shows misdiagnoses are reduced when doctors work in teams Diagnostic errors are one of the biggest and least understood problems facing the health care industry, with potentially millions of patients being misdiagnosed every year. According to Modern Healthcare, a recent study suggests that one way to reduce the […]

Newborn jaundice: New technology aids diagnosis

A new app can help diagnose infant jaundice. This could help reduce the risk of complications that can lead to cerebral palsy and brain damage.

Engineers and physicians with the University of Washington have recently developed a smartphone application that can detect the presence of jaundice in newborns in a matter of minutes. Researchers and developers of the app are careful to note that the tool is not yet an official test, but instead could indicate that a blood test is needed.

To use the app, a photo is taken of the infant with a color calibration card. The photo is then analyzed using a special algorithm and a report is sent to the parent’s phone. Although it is best to rely on the result of a blood test for an official diagnosis, the innovative app does bring renewed attention to a condition that can have tragic complications.

Study shows hearing loss increases the chance for medical errors

A new study says that 43 percent of older patients mishear what their nurses or doctors tell them. Being able to understand a nurse of physician’s instructions is fundamental to avoiding medical errors. If a patient cannot understand what a medical professional is telling them, such as recommended dosage instructions or physical activities to avoid, […]

Hazards and Complications Associated With Gallbladder Surgery

The gallbladder is a little, non-essential organ attached to the liver that transports bile to the small intestine through the bile duct. Unfortunately, the organ can cause problems in those individuals that are susceptible to gallstones, or deposits that can be found in the gallbladder. Removal of the stones only results in more rapid production […]

New study: Medication mistakes occur in up to 50 percent of surgeries

On behalf of Daniel C. Minc A leading hospital in the U.S. found that incorrect dosage, labeling and other medication mistakes are prominent during surgery. We all know that doctors are human and make mistakes. Likely, you have heard stories about patients having the wrong limb amputated, or having surgical sponges left inside of them […]

Surgeons are reluctant to withdraw life support after making an error

A new study published in the July 2012 Annals of Surgery has found that surgeons are reluctant to withdraw life support after operating on a patient, and that this sentiment increases if the surgeon made an error during the procedure. Findings of the survey of surgeons In the new study, researchers asked 912 surgeons in […]

Agency’s decision makes it more difficult to find the best hospital

A federal agency has made it more difficult for the public to access the rate of “never events” in hospitals nationwide. When you have a serious medical condition, you understandably want the best care available. Like most others in your position, you rely on Internet research to find the best hospital with the lowest number […]

Hospital superbug scares linked to dirty endoscopic equipment

On behalf of Daniel C. Minc Suits have been filed for injury and death from infections from difficult-to-clean medical equipment. We all get routine medical tests from time to time and need to be able to trust that the equipment our doctors and hospitals use for diagnostic testing is safe. It has been unsettling to […]

New study reasserts the importance of PSA testing for men

Recent controversy over prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing for prostate cancer has left many men confused. In May 2012, a report was released with new government guidelines regarding PSA testing. The guidelines discouraged the use of the blood test that looks for PSA in high levels as an indication of prostate cancer. This controversial statement has been challenged by many medical professional who reassert the need for this testing.

The new guidelines

In the new guidelines, the concern was that with routine PSA testing, men were being unnecessarily treated for small tumors that were not life-threatening. With treatments such as surgery to remove the tumor and radiation therapy, patients sometimes risk complications for a tumor that would have been fine if left alone. This study found that only about one out of 1,000 men would survive prostate cancer because of a PSA test discovery.

The recommendation was met immediately with opposition from many doctors and cancer survivors. They warned that skipping PSA testing might be more dangerous than having the testing done. They also felt that the new guidelines were irresponsible because there was no other testing method more effective than PSA testing for men.