Fatal car crash claims 3 generations of NYC family

A fatal car crash killed three generations of New York City women last month in North Carolina. The 22-year-old daughter, who was driving, perished along with her 46-year-old mother and 71-year-old grandmother. Five other family members in the SUV were taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The driver apparently lost control when the back right tire blew out. The family was returning from a trip to Disney World when the fatal car crash occurred.

Words cannot describe the grief the surviving family members must feel at such tragic losses. One thinks first of their recovery and then of hopes and prayers for their strength to somehow carry through what surely is overwhelming sadness. Often, accidents like these leave loved ones asking “what if” questions. Later the family may want to know exactly what caused the accident that claimed the lives of three of its members in mere moments.

Victims and family members who lose a life or become seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident caused by the negligence of another are entitled by law to pursue compensation for their pain and suffering. In this case, liability may be found in the hands of the manufacturer of the tires on the vehicle if the tires are found to be faulty. In every such case, an impartial investigation of the fatal car crash is required to determine exactly what may have happened. Passengers in the vehicle, as well as the estates of the deceased victims, may be entitled to recover damages. A local attorney experienced in personal injury claims may help bring some measure of justice to an unjust tragedy.

Source: Reuters, “Three generations of family die in car crash,” Colleen Jenkins, Aug. 21, 2011