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Slip & fall accidents in New York City Slip and fall accidents happen every day in New York City. Even though the victim gets back on his/her feet in most cases, the long-term effects of the injuries are life-altering. Neck injuries, back strains, hairline fractures in feet or toes are common injuries that strike slip & fall accident victims. Muscles, tendons, and ligaments start aching and pain manifests after few hours of the accident. An x-ray reveals the extent of damages. Doctors may advise rest, medication and therapeutic remedy spanning over weeks and sometimes even months. The pain and agony may even worsen if there are comorbid and chronic medical conditions such as osteoarthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and anxiety attacks. Pedestrians and people sustain slip & fall injuries due to:

A safer public space Property owners need to provide safe environment for property users. Oil spills or protruding equipment can lead to accidents on property. When there is adequate proof that the owner of the property did not take prudent steps to improve the conditions, the owner can be held responsible for accidents and injuries. No place is immune to accidents. Whether home or office, danger can be lurking around the corner. Construction sites are wrought with risks that can not only injure a person, but can kill too. Passengers can slip and fall inside a transportation facility. If unsafe conditions prevail in a work area and if OSHA rules are not strictly implemented by the employer, the employer may be liable in case of accidents arising due to negligence. Things you need to know in case of a slip & fall In case of a slip & fall injury, seek medical assistance for injuries. Do not ignore symptoms or pain. If there were witnesses during the accident, collect their name and contact information. Document your slip & fall injury – record the time, place, and reasons for accident that caused the injury. Photograph of the place of accident can help. Capture a snap of the accident spot, or call someone for the same. Collect all prescriptions, bills, lab investigation reports after your medical treatment. Inform concerned third parties about the accident and injuries. You may have time limits regarding intimating third parties. Seek legal opinion and let your attorneys probe the accident. The lawyers may examine the property, capture photographs, and inquire people in the vicinity. Filing civil lawsuits in New York There are time limits within which you need to file lawsuits in New York. In case of slip & fall accidents, as per the New York civil statute of limitations, you can file a lawsuit within three years from the date and time of accident. Call our attorneys who can help you more with New York civil statute of limitations. Who are we? We are Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff (RMFL) and we have literally won millions of dollars for our clients. Do you want to be on this list of winners? Call 212-344-1000. The first consultation is free. Let us hear what you have to say! RMFW Law offices are located in Astoria, Queens, New York City and two locations in Brooklyn. Our New York City slip & fall accident injury attorneys can help you seek legal remedies for your slip & fall injuries.