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New York Waterways and Ferry Services Water cruises, boats and ferries in New York City help local people and tourists get away on leisure trips. Waters around New York make it a haven for commuters, workers, tourists to travel between land destinations comfortably and quickly. Different types of ferries, water taxies, jet-skis, boats, watercrafts, and sightseeing cruises make it possible for New Yorkers and tourists commute around the five boroughs.

But one small mistake can topple the boat as well the rider’s world. Unlike land accidents, accidents in the waterways can be even more traumatic and fatal. Boat accidents could lead to drowning, brain injury, fractures, hypothermia & death, burn injuries to the skin, face & eyes. The ferry system navigates between the five boroughs including the Governors Islands, Staten Island, and the landmark Statue of Liberty. Other New York City ferry destinations include:

A boat owner or ferry operator is expected to take adequate care and ensure the safety of passengers by providing:

Boat Accidents in New York City Waterways Boating accidents can be complicated when it involves yachts, ships, and cruise vessels in the Atlantic Ocean. These vessels may be registered in international waters. Any litigation can involve extensive understanding and engagement of international, national, and local maritime laws and statutes. Only experienced attorneys who have dealt with such maritime laws and rules can handle boat accidents claims successfully. New York boating accidents can happen due to:

New York City Boat Accident Attorneys can Help You Accidents could also involve slip & fall mishaps, pedestrian accidents in terminals, and port authority property related injuries. In which case your boat attorney needs to know the intricacies of dealing with the seaport authorities such as the Port Authority of NJ & NY [PANJNY] wherein complicated jurisdiction laws apply. Seek legal help immediately for filing Notice of Claim for your accident related injuries and trauma. There can be a ninety day limitation for filing the notice. Your attorneys will focus on all aspects of the accident so that fixing the liability can be accurate and fruitful. The attorneys will examine the ferry operators, witnesses, manufacturers of boats/parts, service & maintenance technicians, port & dock agencies in the process of investigation. All efforts will be taken by your attorneys and legal team to develop a strong case that can yield a very good compensation you deserve for your injuries and losses. If you or your loved one has been injured in a boat accident, it is judicious to seek legal help immediately. Our New York boat accident attorneys of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff (RMFW) have law offices located in Astoria, Queens, New York City and two locations in Brooklyn. Call RMFW 212-344-1000now. RMFW knows the legal mine field. If you do not call them, you could step on a legal mine destroying your case or causing you to end up with a faction amount of the compensation you could have obtained. Do you want a bigger bank account? Call RMFW now to discuss this with them.