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Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP, is a leading medical malpractice law firm and is committed to representing plaintiffs in litigation involving misdiagnosis of appendicitis. Our experienced team of medical malpractice attorneys have the legal and medical knowledge necessary to achieve results for our clients.

Misdiagnosis of Appendicitis

Medical technology has made the timely and accurate diagnosis of appendicitis possible in the overwhelming majority of cases. However, it only takes one mistake in the diagnosis of appendicitis to shatter or end a life.

Appendicitis is often misdiagnosed for less serious conditions like indigestion and flu. A delay in diagnosis can lead to severe medical complications requiring extensive medical treatment, or even wrongful death.

Pain often subsides after an appendix bursts, which creates a dangerous situation for the patient. The burst appendix can cause body systems to be exposed to dangerous infected materials. Failure to properly treat a patient at this point can lead to peritonitis, sepsis and death.

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Our New York appendicitis misdiagnosis lawyers handle cases involving errors in conventional and laparoscopic surgery treatment. We have a proven record of results obtaining favorable settlements and jury awards for people who have been harmed due to medical malpractice and those who have lost loved ones due to negligent medical care.

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