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Medical Malpractice Causing Nerve Damage

Medical Malpractice Causing Nerve Damage

As every surgery involves a significant amount of risk and plausible scope for complications, it can be said that no surgery is minor. A patient is in the most vulnerable state while under the effect of anesthesia. Among all surgical errors that can happen, nerve damages are the most common ones, especially during the use of general anesthesia.

Nerve damage during surgery can have a catastrophic impact on the patient, leading to seizures & paralysis, permanent disabilities and often death.

Causes of Nerve Injuries

The two most common circumstances under which nerve damage can be caused include:

Negligent usage of surgical tools during the procedure is noted to be a common cause of nerve damage. While administering general anesthesia into the spinal column, a minor mistake can cause nerve damage as the body loses its ability to sense any discomfort. Other factors and possible reasons leading to nerve damage may involve:

Such errors may block the blood flow to certain nerves, and ultimately to the brain and central nervous system. Nerve damage is also caused as a result of severing a nerve or burning it by mistake. The most minor mistakes can cost the patient his life or the ability to lead a normal life, thus requiring utmost attention and care by the entire surgical team until the end of the surgery. The operation theatre assistants who support the senior surgeons during surgery are expected to be attentive and careful in handling secondary procedures.

Sometimes the adverse effects of such negligence need not surface for weeks or even months after the surgery. The patient may experience the following health impediments:

· Tingling sensation

· Numbness, pain, or even loss of motor skills in limbs

· Blurred vision, slurred speech

· Giddiness, fainting, inability to carry out simple daily tasks

· Inability to move the neck, hand or head in one particular direction

· Seizures and paralysis

Compensating for Nerve Damage during Surgery

When a nerve damage occurs due to an act of negligence during surgery, a lawsuit can be filed against the medical team, seeking compensation against medical malpractice. By providing sufficient substantial evidence for the malpractice, the patient or his surviving family may be entitled for compensation toward cost of medication & hospital charges, loss of ability to earn, pain & trauma, cost of long-term assistive care, and the disability caused by the nerve damage.

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