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Medical Malpractice in NY Hospital’s Recovery Rooms

Following a surgery, a patient may be moved to the hospital’s recovery room if the medical staff thinks it is necessary to do so. In the recovery room, the patient is allowed to recover from the surgery, for example, while waiting until the effects of the anesthesia disappears.

How do You Prove Medical Malpractice Involving Spinal Anesthesia?

During many surgical treatments like bariatric surgery in New York hospitals, spinal anesthesia has to be administered to the patient. Spinal anesthesia is generally administered with a needle, thus there is some risk of injuring a patient during the injection process.

Medical Malpractice Associated with Misdiagnosis

When a patient discovers that a doctor failed to diagnose a serious health condition on time- which led to disastrous consequences for the patient-whether in the hospital or in the doctor’s chamber, the patient has the right to sue the doctor. The key consideration in a medical malpractice lawsuit related to misdiagnosis is whether there is an identifiable lack of qualification on the part of the doctor. Another angle may be “medical negligence.” which can lead to more serious legal proceedings against the doctor.

Medical Malpractice – Failure to Diagnose Diabetes

Failure to diagnose a medical condition often results in the development of complications that may be life threatening or cause a patient to use medication for the rest of life. Failure to diagnose diabetes often causes serious complications such as diabetic coma that may also cause death. This article focuses on the causes and effects of failure to diagnose diabetes and the action to be taken if medical negligence is the cause of your suffering.

Dealing with Cataract Surgery Medical Malpractice

Cataract surgery is generally performed when the patient suffers reduction in sight due to covering of the lens with a cloudy formation. After the surgery, the patient is expected to recover fast and enjoy normal vision.

Failure to Diagnose or Appropriately Treat Liver Cancer Constitutes Medical Malpractice

As the name suggests, liver cancer originates in the liver and is one of the most dangerous and fast-spreading cancers known. The majority affected is the elderly population, and a delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis could prove fatal. Cancer that starts in the liver is called primary liver cancer, while cancers that start in other organs and spread to the liver are called secondary liver cancer.

A Slip & Fall Accident in a Hospital

Patients could slip, fall, and injure themselves during their stay in a hospital. Falls are usually caused due to hazards in the walkways, improper maintenance of hospital surroundings, and wet floors that do no warn passers-by about dangers of slipping, among others. Sometimes falls can be a result of medical negligence, which may involve a lawsuit being filed by the injured person.

Sustaining a Brain Injury at Birth

Brain injuries are very rare at the time of the birth, they mainly develop due to medical malpractice in a majority of cases. They are often very serious and life threatening and influence the normal development and growth process.