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Sidewalks in New York City

Sidewalks are expected to be the safe zone for pedestrians on the road. Ironically, accidents to pedestrians on the sidewalks are far more common than one might anticipate. Property owners often fail to clear snow, ice or any debris from their sidewalks, putting pedestrians and other sidewalk users in potential danger.

Open and unattended potholes, cracks, and uneven surfaces make sidewalks hazardous and prone to accidents. New York’s sidewalks occupy more than 12,000 miles and help over eight million people get from point A to point B. These sidewalks need to provide a basic level of safety assurance for pedestrians. When property owners’ or workers’ acts of negligence put pedestrians in a situation of danger or cause injuries, the victims may be entitled to compensation for the damage or injuries caused.

Who takes care of the sidewalks?

The New York Administrative Code, section 19-152 mandates that property owners need to install, repair, and maintain sidewalks abutting or edging their properties. When an accident on a sidewalk takes place next to a store/supermarket, a residential building, an office or any other property, the owner of that particular property can be held liable for the accident, depending on the evidence available to prove his negligence.

The maintenance of sidewalks, both public and private, is the responsibility of different persons, varying from city to city. For instance, in some cities in the United States, the responsibility lies with local authorities, while in other cities adjacent property owners are answerable for the maintenance of sidewalks. In most cities, house owners or property owners are responsible for clearing debris and snow from the sidewalk, and keeping them hazard-free for the public and passerby.

Sidewalk accidents due to negligence

When an accident or injury on the sidewalk occurs due to improper maintenance, repair or negligence of hazards, the responsible party can be legally made liable to compensate for the losses, damage, or injuries suffered by the victim.

The law prevailing liability and responsibility for sidewalk accidents is highly jurisdictional. Depending upon the location and manner of the accident’s occurrence, a private party or local authority may be held liable. A knowledgeable lawyer who comes with a concrete understanding of the local laws and legal options is your most suitable and reliable resource to help you prove your argument in the legal world. With us on your side, we will carry your argument and case to victory.

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