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Manufacturers and sellers are required by law to ensure that their products are not defective or hazardous to consumers in any way. An appropriate warning must be given to end-users if any part of their product is unsafe or if the product can be potentially hazardous in any certain way to the user.

Manufacturers are expected to design and make better products that come with proper information about its potential hazardous side effects. Our New York City product liability attorneys have vast experience in this area of law and are assured to provide you the right support in claiming compensation if you or your loved ones have been injured or have died due to defective products.

For many decades now, we have successfully obtained compensation for people injured or killed by dangerous products, such as:

The law empowers a person injured or the deceased victim’s surviving family to file a product liability claim. The necessary evidence is required to prove that the product was already hazardous when it left the manufacturer’s control, without prior warning indicating the risks involved in possessing or using the product.

We provide extensive support in various types of claims on the grounds of product liability:

Defective Design

When the hazard has been noted, the design engineer must follow an accepted design priority recognized by all design engineers in reducing the possibility of the dangerous condition of the product causing injury or death. When an injury or death results from the defective design of a product, it can be claimed that the product’s design was negligent, hence leading to a dysfunction that caused the accident.

Manufacturing flaw

If the injury or death was caused by a flaw in the manufacturing of the defective product and that the product was not manufactured properly which resulted in its dangerous condition, it can be claimed that the injury or death was caused by a flaw in the manufacturing process.

Manufacturers’ Failure to Warn

When the manufacturer fails to inform the customer/end user about the known potential harms that can be caused by the product, an injury or death caused by the product to the user can be compensated for, with the help of law.

Each type of product liability claim requires different elements to be proven to present a successful claim.

Our New York City product liability attorneys are well experienced in landing product liability claims successfully for the affected person or his/her family. If you or a loved one has been injured or has died due to a defect in the product, speak to our lawyers now to discuss your legal options to file a product liability claim.

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