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Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents usually occur when certain hazards exist in the pathway. Common spaces frequented by people, need to be well maintained to avoid falls due to:

Safety in Public or Private Space

It is the responsibility of the property owners to provide an environment that is safe and secure. Wet surfaces not cleaned thoroughly or not dried well could lead to slip and fall injuries. If the property owner knew that the unsafe condition existed and still did nothing to correct it, then he or she is responsible for the accident. The property owner may be held liable for injuries or damages that arise from an accident.

Slip and fall injuries could either occur at home, a public place, inside a transportation facility, or in the workplace. If such accidents arise due to unsafe conditions that exist in workplace as a result of non-compliance of OSHA rules and regulations, the employer may be legally held responsible for the accidents and injuries.

What You need to do in Case of Slip and Fall Accident

If you or your loved one has suffered a slip and fall injury in an accident due to negligent third party:

  1. Call for medical help immediately. It is better to obtain professional medical assistance and advice.
  2. You need to prepare a report that documents your slip and fall injury with regards to place, time and the cause of the accident that resulted in the injury.
  3. If possible add witness information as well. If people have witnessed your fall, collect their name and contact information of those witnesses.
  4. Try to capture photos of the area where you had the fall, or if you are not in a position to take a photograph of the location, try to engage someone to help you out.
  5. Ensure that you are treated by a medical care provider and collect all documents such as prescriptions, medical bills, x-ray reports, and lab reports.
  6. Call your so that they can investigate the accident and arrange necessary inspection of the property where the accident occurred and take photographs.
  7. You may have to adhere to time limits in informing the third party about the accident and the injuries. So do not waste time.

Civil Lawsuits in New York

You need to follow deadlines for filing lawsuits in New York. In case the defendant is a private citizen or company, according to the New York civil statute of limitations, you have three years to file a lawsuit for slip and fall accidents, from the time of the accident. For more information on New York civil statute of limitations, call your attorneys immediately.

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