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Skin protects us

The skin is largest organ of our body. It protects us from invasion of viruses and bacteria besides regulating our body temperature. The protective skin layer suffers damages when it is exposed to fire and toxic chemicals.

Skin cells die when exposed to burns and the skin surface is impacted in many ways as a result of burn injuries. While most burn victims recover, the degree and depth of burns determine the recovery rate for a burn injury victim. Each year, around a million people suffer burn accidents in the United States. Around 45,000 burn victims are admitted to hospitals for treatment.

Human negligence in fire accidents

Studies show that mostly human negligence and errors contribute to burn accidents. Burns from chemicals, scalding, fire, and electric shock are mostly due to errors and mistakes caused by people. However, people who are not responsible or people who are in the proximity of the accidents suffer burn injuries as well. If you or your loved one is a burn victim due to negligence, call your New York burn injury attorneys who can file a claim to get you compensated.

Fire accidents can occur in a property with faulty wiring or malfunctioning space heaters. Broken fire alarms may not detect fire or smoke just in time to save people from fire breakouts. Serious fire accidents can also lead to death due to asphyxiation.

Failed safety valves in water heaters can cause explosion. Furniture and drapes that have toxic chemicals can let out poisonous fumes that can choke people to death. You need experienced New York burn injury attorneys who can investigate thoroughly, establish the cause of fire accidents and fix the liability in order to file a lawsuit for compensation.

Burn victims’ pain and trauma

Fire injuries can lead to:

Fire consumes most of the oxygen in the accident sites and billows out thick, harmful, and toxic gases & smoke. When children and elders inhale the smoke, they can choke to death due to asphyxiation. Children and the invalid (elderly, medically handicapped) may not be able to escape quickly from the site of fire accidents.

How do burn injuries occur? Burns can occur in many ways:

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