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Neck Injury can be Serious

Muscles, joints, jaw, ligaments, nerves or bones of your neck can be affected when your neck is injured. A victim of neck injury can suffer soft tissue damage or even grievous nerve or spinal injuries. The cervical spine, the vertebral discs in the cervical region, the ligaments & muscles in the neck are most affected in case of a serious neck injury.

Neck Injury Symptoms

Neck injury symptoms need not manifest immediately after an injury. Pain-blocking chemicals such as adrenaline or endorphin may be released so as to make the person feel or experience less pain. Injuries sustained in the neck can manifest as numbness or pain in other parts of the body – the arms and hands.

Symptoms of pain and injury to the neck include:

There are seven vertebral bones in the spine in the neck region. Known as the cervical spine, this region is more susceptible to injuries in an accident involving the neck. The presence of discs in between these bones adds to the required flexibility. They act like shock absorbers when you walk, sit, jump or lie down. The spine is surrounded by soft tissues, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and muscles.

The nerves that branch out in the cervical area flow into the arms. The two cervical discs on top of the spinal cord, namely C1 and C2 are specially designed for rotation. The weight of the head needs to be supported by the spinal region of the neck. The weight of head is fair enough to cause damage to the neck bones in an accident. If you or your loved one has suffered grievous neck injuries in an accident due to the negligence of a third party, contact our New York City neck injury attorneys for legal advice to file a claim.

Cervical Radiculopathy

Also known as pinched nerve, cervical radiculopathy can cause muscle weakness, numbness and pain in the area where the nerve travels. The cervical spine nerve that travels into the arms provides sensation to the shoulder skin and electrical signals to muscles in the area. When the nerve is pinched by a ruptured disc, it affects the nerve’s functions.

Whiplash Injuries

A whiplash occurs when tendons and ligaments in the neck region are impacted by sudden movement, especially in a car accident, or in a contact sport, or even in a slip and fall accident.

The victim may not experience whiplash immediately after an accident. However neck pain and stiffness can worsen after few hours. Immediate medical attention is required to minimize damages to the soft tissues in the neck.

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