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What happens when the Hospital Loses Your Medical Records

You are planning to submit a medical malpractice lawsuit for the injuries your baby has suffered due to improper obstetrical care during the time of your delivery. However, when you try to attain copies of your medical records, you are told by the hospital that they cannot locate the electronic fetal monitoring strips, for instance. Now if you go ahead with the lawsuit, what can happen to the hospital because they cannot locate your baby’s medical records?

What happens when the Attorney wants to go on Vacation when the Trial is about to Start

The judge tells the attorneys during the pretrial conference that the medical malpractice trial will start in two weeks, and one of the attorneys says he is going on vacation and requests the judge to delay the trial. Will the judge acknowledge and accept the fact that the attorney is going away on vacation, or will he make the attorney cancel his vacation.

Providing Daily Transcripts to Your Expert Witness

Does your lawyer have to give daily transcripts of the trial to your medical expert witness? During trial why would a lawyer obtain the daily transcripts to give to the medical expert for the purpose of testifying in a medical malpractice case or accident case?