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2 diagnostic tests proven to reduce preterm birth complications

It’s a sad reality that not all pregnancies end at nine months with a healthy bundle of joy. For parents of babies born with birth complications, the normally celebratory event is often mitigated by worries and fears over the medical uncertainties that lie ahead for their newborns.

Boy hit by box truck on Brooklyn street

New Yorkers walk. We walk to work, to the subway, to the gym. But when that many pedestrians tangle with the heavy traffic on the city streets, disasters happen regularly.

Cyclist dies after Flatbush hit and run last month

If you are a New York City resident who relies on public transportation to get around, you may try to mix it up a bit by riding your bicycle on the streets of the city. But unfortunately, doing so can put your health — and even life — at great risk.

Anesthesia death rates are rising. Should you be worried?

For decades, death rates with modern medicine have been falling. Medical professionals have more information, more training, better technology and many other advantages. Procedures that were impossible in the not-so-distant past are routine today.

If you’re injured at a music festival

With summer at full tilt, many New York City residents are making time to participate in music festivals around the city and region. Of course, anyone who’s been to a music festival can tell you that even the most professionally staged events have plenty of room for things to go wrong. It is rare that any festival makes it all the way through the event with no injuries at all, and in some cases, a particularly serious accident could lead to devastating injuries to a number of festival-goers.

Study finds skilled nursing care woefully lacking

Do you have an elderly relative living in a nursing home? Or perhaps you might have even spent time recovering from surgery or extended illness in a skilled nursing facility until you were well enough to return home. If so, the following may be of interest.