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Anesthesia Errors in New York and Compensation

According to a Johns Hopkins University study, “never events”, or events that should never happen in surgery, occur at least 4,000 times each year in the United States.

New analysis shows that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US, resulting in at least 250,000 deaths each year. This means that 10% of all deaths in the country are due to preventable medical errors. Anesthesia errors in New York, are one of these preventable medical mistakes.

An anesthesia error is a mistake that an anesthesiologist, doctor, or other medical professional makes during surgery. This error could be too little anesthesia, too much anesthesia or any other mistake that can be made due to lack of proper care.

Anesthesia and Medical Malpractice in New York

Anesthesia is an important part of surgery. And like every other surgical procedure, it has its own risks. There are three types of anesthesia: general, regional, and local. Of these, the general anesthesia is the one with the most serious aftereffects. General anesthesia is used in major surgeries where it is required to put the patient ‘under’ i.e. cause them to lose all consciousness and sensation. However, if not administered properly it can lead to many problems such as cardiac arrests and even death.

Medical Malpractice where an Overdose of Anesthesia Instigates Death

This is a shocking incident of medical malpractice, where a young man undergoes a regular hernia operation and ends up dead, due to reasons not directly connected with the surgery. This young individual was advised by his doctor to walk through the door for hernia surgery, since it was the best treatment for his condition. The person agrees to the surgery, and he is admitted to a reputed hospital in New York. The surgery proceeds without any complications, and is done in an excellent manner.