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New York City Lyft Accident Lawyer

Lyft drivers are responsible for keeping their passengers and other drivers around them safe in New York City. When a Lyft vehicle driver gets into an accident, this can make life difficult for those affected. Lyft accident victims can suffer from damages that force them to take time off work due to severe injuries. They can also be stuck with the high cost of medical bills that can deplete their savings. Once you’ve experienced a Lyft accident due to another’s reckless actions, it’s time to speak to Lyft accident lawyers.

Your Lyft accident should be treated with importance. This is especially true if your Lyft accident injuries could drastically change your life for the worst. New York City Lyft accident lawyers can work towards helping you recover financially from your injuries. They will represent your Lyft accident case and help you receive maximum compensation from the at-fault party. Learn more about the process by speaking to a New York City Lyft accident lawyer today. Call Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP today for a free consultation.

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Common Lyft Accident Injuries

When Lyft drivers are negligent and cause a car crash, this can leave accident victims with serious injuries. When a New York City Lyft vehicle crashes into another vehicle, it can cause the following injuries:

Head Injuries

You can hit your head during a Lyft car accident, causing you to get a mild to severe concussion. Other types of brain damage include hemorrhaging and hematoma injuries. Head injuries can cause permanent disability and cognitive disorders. 

Fractures And Broken Bones

A New York Lyft accident could cause multiple fractures and broken bones. Bones prone to fracture in a car accident are the fingers, wrists, toes, and ankles. The ribs can also get fractured badly during a crash if the chest hits the steering wheel. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents often result in soft tissue injuries that take some time to appear. These are injuries that occur to the tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues of the body. You may not notice these wounds at first, but after a few days or weeks, you may feel soreness and pain where your soft tissues have torn. 

Spinal Injuries

A NYC Lyft accident can cause a temporary disability or paralysis based on where you were hit on the spine. Chronic back pain, slipped or ruptured discs, pinched nerves, hemiplegia, or paraplegia can result from a spinal injury caused by an NYC Lyft accident. 

Neck Injuries

You could suffer from a stiff neck, migraines, and other symptoms of whiplash. Also, you may have strained or sprained muscles in your neck that can make it difficult for you to move around. It can also be difficult to sleep at night because of your neck pain. 

Seat Belt Injuries

When you get into a car crash, your seat belt can restrain you too tightly and cause severe injuries along the groin, shoulder, and chest areas. Seat belt injuries aren’t typically serious but can still cause fractures and bruises. 


Although rare, motor vehicles sometimes catch fire after a serious accident. They could cause first, second, and third-degree burns that leave the victim badly scarred for the rest of their life. Scars can also cause disfiguration and severe pain.

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How Common Are Lyft Accidents in New York City, NY?

Lyft accidents are very common in New York City and have contributed a great deal to car crashes in the boroughs. Because of rideshare drivers, car accidents have increased by 2% to 3%. This causes over 1000 fatalities each year. 

What Causes Most Lyft Accidents?

The leading cause of a New York Lyft accident is distracted driving. This behavior is considered the main cause of most rideshare accidents because drivers that engage in this behavior take their eyes off the road. When a driver takes their attention away from their environment for more than 2 seconds, this drastically increases the risk of a New York Lyft accident. 

For example, a driver may be checking the app, texting, or making phone calls. The driver must use a hands-free device to make phone calls and also can’t hold their phone while driving. Drivers may also be talking to passengers inside the car, eating or drinking, or doing other activities that make them more likely to get into a car accident with other drivers.

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Should I Hire an Attorney After a Lyft Accident?

Hiring a New York Lyft accident attorney will be beneficial for you and improve your chance of receiving fair compensation. Obtaining compensation on your own will prove more difficult and take longer to accomplish. 

NYC personal injury lawyers can help in the following ways:

Check Traffic Camera Footage

Your Lyft accident lawyer can find out how the other driver caused your car accident by requesting any traffic camera footage that may have caught the crash. They can observe what the other driver did that resulted in a wreckage and use this as proof. 

Obtain the Police Report

The police report may hold additional information that can prove that the other party is liable. For example, if the police officer issued a citation to the rideshare driver, this will make it easier for your Lyft accident lawyer to recover compensation on your behalf. 

Subpoena The Driver

If the rideshare driver was distracted while driving, Lyft accident attorneys can subpoena the at fault party’s phone company to get their cellphone usage history. They can prove that the other driver was texting or making a call at the time of the car crash. 

Review Photographic Evidence

Accident victims can provide their attorneys with photographs of the car crash scene. Your attorney can hold the Lyft driver responsible for your injuries using the images depicting the damage done to your vehicle. 

Speak To Eyewitnesses

In a crowded city, there are often multiple eyewitnesses who observe Lyft accidents. If you obtained their contact information, your Lyft accident lawyer can get a testimony from them to help strengthen your personal injury claim. 

Obtain Lab Tests

If the other party was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, your New York City attorney can request the lab tests. These results will help them prove that the Lyft driver is at fault for your injuries based on their negligent behavior. 

Calculate Damages

Lyft accident attorneys work hard to secure financial compensation on your behalf. They do this by calculating all of the damages that you experienced because of your Lyft accident. Your medical expenses that accrued because of your car accident injuries will be included in your total settlement. Other damages include pain and suffering, which is based on your emotional turmoil. Any money you lost because you were unable to return to work is also added to your compensation. Lastly, property damage not covered by your insurance company will also be compensated. 

Negotiate With the Insurance Company

Your attorney will hold the Lyft driver accountable for your injuries and reach out to Lyft’s insurance company on your behalf. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company for as long as it takes for you to receive fair compensation. This can take weeks or months of back-and-forth negotiation. Attorneys fight for your right to receive a settlement that reflects how badly you’ve been wounded. 

Represent You In Court

When your New York City attorney cannot negotiate a fair amount for your settlement, they will represent you in court. Your attorney will argue why the other party was negligent and why you deserve compensation for your damages. 

Work With New York City Lyft Accident Lawyers

When Lyft vehicles go out of control and hit other drivers, the liable parties should compensate the victims. Your attorney will work hard to ensure you get an accurate settlement and seek compensation on your behalf. 
Rideshare companies take responsibility for the accidents caused by their employees, but they may not estimate your settlement correctly. You need a reliable and experienced New York law firm to review your case and ensure that your damages are included in your settlement claim. They do this by investigating your accident, finding evidence, and analyzing case details. Because our personal injury law firm works on a contingency fee basis, you are not required to pay us upfront. When you are ready to build your New York City Lyft accident claim, speak to an experienced attorney from Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP today for a free consultation.